The words have been tied and it all feels so official! You must be thinking I've officially lost my mind! Well I have. Work, school, and wedding planning is exhausting, but that's a topic for another blog. So back to the original topic of this post, my Khosk-Kap! After getting engaged, I became extremely interested in our Armenian wedding traditions. When I read about a Khosk-Kap, which literally means "the words have been tied," I knew I wanted to have one! Essentially a Khosk-Kap was when the groom's parents and bride's parents would sit and arrange their children's marriage. Now that arranged marriages aren't very common, it has become more of a celebration of love and a good opportunity for both families to officially meet. With that said, here's the story of our Khosk-Kap...

Manifa and Emin's Khosk-kap

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In Manifa's first Bride's Story blog, she told us all about her and Emin and how their relationship started. As she mentioned, Emin's love for gambling would play a big role in his proposal. Find out how it all happened as Manifa shares their sweet proposal story: 

Every girl dreams of her perfect proposal. Some want something grand and majestic, others prefer something low key and romantic. I always just wanted my proposal to be a surprise. I knew that when Emin proposed to me it would be unexpected, extremely creative, and personal.

My proposal was easily the cutest thing Emin has ever planned. It fit our personalities perfectly! I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Manifa and Emin's Proposal

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Meet Manifa, our newest Harsanik bride! Manifa and Emin recently got engaged with an adorable and creative proposal and will be getting married on June 22, 2019. We're thrilled to announce that we'll be featuring Manifa as our next Bride's Story blogger! In the past, we've featured Talar and Serj, Christine and Victor, and our very own Marineh and Shant as they shared all the details of their wedding planning adventures. We're so excited to follow Manifa and Emin on their journey! As the couple counts down, Manifa will be sharing their love story, the proposal, and all the details of their wedding planning on our Bride's Story blog series.

So let's get started! Meet Manifa and Emin and find out how it all started: 

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