What To Write In Your Thank You Cards

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You're preparing your thank you cards and you find yourself at a crossroads: pre-written or handwritten?

Unless you have a very intimate wedding guest list, the recommendation is a pre-written/printed statement to make your life incredibly easier. Guests who, in your perspective, went above and beyond with their gift can get a small, handwritten thank you on your card to make your gratitude a little more personal.

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But what do you say overall?

Start with Thank You

No need to overthink the beginning. Thank guests for simply being there to witness and celebrate your wedding day.

Share What Guests' Presence Caused

Happiness. Joy. A huge party... whatever it may be, this is the place to express what your guests added to the event.

Share Why the Gift is Important

No need to go into specific detail here, but sticking to general statements like "your generous gift will help us build our life together as Mr. and Mrs." or "your gift will help us embark down the road of happily ever after" will be a nice way to summarize how guests' gift will help you as newlyweds.

Share How You Felt

Was it an unforgettable event? Did you have the time of your lives? Tell your guests how they made you feel to add a sentimental button to the end of the card.

To avoid making the card lengthy—unless that is your preference, of course— sticking to four to five sentences at most will make a short-and-sweet thank you statement. If your looking for tips on how to design your thank you card, read this Harsanik blog post.

Is there anything else that you'd recommend adding to a thank you card? Share in the comments below!

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