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Traditions at weddings are often emotional and demonstrative. The Haka dance, a traditional war dance of the Maori people of New Zealand, is one such tradition. At Benjamin and Aaliyah's wedding, the groomsmen and guests perform the Haka dance as they chant and move in unity. Their performance is so powerful, it moves the entire party and leaves us in awe of the tradition!


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From traditional to modern day weddings, what will brides wear in Spring 2017? As New York Bridal Fashion Week came to an end, designers filled with us with dress inspirations. Various trends such as overskirts, separates, and floral appliqués from Spring and Fall 2016 revamped and continued, while many new ones were introduced. We lost ourselves in the dreamy collections and put together our top 12 Spring 2017 bridal fashion trends. 

1. Plexi Floral Embroideries 

Angel Sanchez Dress

Designer Angel Sanchez: Photo Source Vogue 

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As you start searching for your dream bridal veil, you visualize the perfect length and style to match your wedding gown. If you, like many other brides, choose to purchase your veil separately from your gown, you may realize that matching the right fabric, color, length, and style is not as easy as you thought... Keeping this in mind, when we learned about Zveil's Try-At-Home Program, we could not wait to share with you all. We spoke with CEO and co-founder of Zveil, Arsineh Ghazarian, to get all the details on their veils and their most popular products. Plus Zveil has partnered with Harsanik to offer an exclusive 10% discount to help you find your perfect veil - just use the promo code HARSANIK10 at checkout to take advantage of this special deal.

Zveil Bridal Accessory

Photo Source Miles and Smiles Blog

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When it comes to choosing your entrees and appetizers for your wedding, decisions can be tough! So many dishes sound delicious but since everyone has different taste in food, it's tough to choose a variety of dishes that will please all your guests. We spoke with the Anoush Catering team to find out what are the top 5 dishes they recommend to make the selection process just a bit easier!

Dish 1: Salmon with Grilled Vegetables

4 Oz Baked Salmon with Teriyaki Soy Glaze with Roasted Pine Nuts & Sauteed Vegetables (asparagus and bell peppers)

Salmon Grilled Vegetables

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Bridal Bouquets have traditionally been carried down the aisle by many brides. They are very important and must match the style of the wedding and the bride's overall look. The bridal bouquet makes a statement as it is the bride's main accessory during the wedding. There are many styles of bouquets to complement every bride. Brides can choose to do one or a combination of these styles. Here are 8 styles of bridal bouquets to help you find the one that best suits you! 

1. Round Bouquet

A round bouquet usually consists of flowers cut at the same height and tightly bound by stems in a round shape. This bouquet is perfect for the classic, traditional bride. 

round bridal bouquet

Photo Source Rene Zadori Photography

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