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Feeling beautiful and healthy is one of the most important factors for every bride on their wedding day. With all the planning, it's important to set aside time for yourself and start your health and beauty preparations in advance. This way, better results are reached, there are no unexpected surprises, and there's less stress closer to the big day. Here are some Bridal Beauty tips to prepare for the wedding day.

1. Face

Keeping your face looking smooth, clean, and vibrant for your big day is important. Everything from your eyes, lips, to your smile needs attention. Get a lot of sleep, use eye cream, get facials, exfoliate your lips, use whitening strips, and don't eat a lot of salt. Most important drink a lot of water! It is very important that you don't test products or have facials close to the wedding. Start treatments early to find what's right for you.

Facial at Montage

Photo Source Montage Hotels

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Veils are the perfect finishing touch for your bridal look. Historically, veils were worn to protect the bride from evil spirits and later as a symbol of purity and chastity. Nowadays, brides continue to wear veils as a tradition and a fashion piece. Your options for choosing a veil are limitless; accordingly we've done our research and put together tips on how to choose your bridal veil.

Bridal Veils Photo by Jay Jay Studios

Photo by Jay Jay Photography

Your bridal veil is meant to complement and complete your look. When choosing your veil you must consider the length, style, details and color of your gown; Your hairstyle and accessories; Your height; and your personality. Here are few general tips to keep in mind: 

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Every bride wants to look and feel beautiful on her wedding day. Bridal makeup is an essential part of that feeling! When choosing your makeup, you should consider a few factors including your overall look complementing your dress, wedding theme, what you're comfortable with, what matches and emphasizes your facial features, and the latest trends. To help you choose we've featured some of our favorite bridal makeup trends.

1. Natural Makeup

Natural Bridal Makeup by Makeup by Lilit

Photo Source Makeup by Lilit 

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From the morning of the wedding, there are always activities, appointments, celebrations, even unexpected events and time changes that occur. Therefore, in order to feel calm,, organized and avoid forgetting important things, it is important for every bride and groom to plan ahead and eliminate any last minute tasks on the day of their wedding. We've featured a checklist for you to utilize prior to your big day.

1. Wedding Day Emergency Kit:

Pack a wedding day emergency kit! This should include bobby pins, hair pins, band aids, hair spray, gel, baby wipes, stain remover, double sided tape, hemming tape, tissues, and touch up makeup.

Bridal Emergency Kit

Photo source Pinch Provisions

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You may be wondering why we are sharing this proposal video. Well, as it happens, Liam proposed to Amy last November and the couple are getting married this month! We recently came across their amazing theatre proposal video on BuzzFeed and knew we had to share with you. Liam and Amy had been together for 6 years when Liam decided to propose. Liam prepared a short music video to the song "Rude" by Magic! and premiered it in the beginning of a screening in a local theater. He told Amy he had to go to the bathroom before the movie started to stage the proposal. He even invited about 50 people to join them as he proposed to join them in celebrating their engagement! 


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