Featured Wedding: Tak & Sona

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Shortly after Sona and Tak returned from their honeymoon, we sat down with them to hear all about their love story, wedding planning adventures, and highlights from the wedding day. We knew this couple was so animated and full of energy that we had to record the whole interview. We published our 3 part video interview for you to enjoy (Chapter 1: The Beginning, Chapter 2: The Planning, Chapter 3: The Big Day). And now we're excited to share photos and video highlights from Sona and Tak's wedding!


Thank you Sona and Tak for sharing your beautiful Armenian wedding with us. We're honored that we had the opportunity to speak with you and hear all about your love story and your special day. Thanks for the many laughs and we wish you a lifetime of love, laughter, and happiness! And special thanks for Ani Studios for sharing all the photos and video footage and capturing our interview.

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