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It's one of those things that every girl dreams about... trying on wedding dresses and saying yes to the perfect one! Oh and trust me you know when it's "The One". Finding the dress is a hunt! You are scared to commit but once you find the one, every other dress you try on doesn't compare. After about 3 months and 15 bridal salons later, I found my dream wedding dress and I am excited to share all the details and photos of my wedding dress shopping experience.

Mary's Story Dress Shopping

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As you may recall, Raffi and I got engaged on August 27, 2016 when Raffi surprised me with a sweet proposal surrounded with our close family. Immediately after the proposal, we decided to have an engagement party on October 28, 2016. I planned everything for our engagement myself and I am excited to share with you all.

Mary and Raffi Engagement

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As the countdown begins for Raffi and Mary's wedding on October 21, 2017, we are excited to share their story from their first date to their wedding day. In a series of blogs, throughout the next few months, Mary will be sharing her fairytale from one chapter to another. Here is Mary's first blog about how the two met and their sweet proposal story.

Raffi and Mary Proposal

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Hello fellow brides. I’m glad to be back with an update on wedding planning! We have finally booked a florist! 

Picking a florist was very easy! I already knew who I wanted, so it was the matter of whether or not we can afford to hire him. But, before I get into which florist we hired I want to talk a little bit about the whole idea of having flowers at our wedding. 

Emin and I dreaded having to pay for flowers. We both agreed it is a waste of money. It just sits there, no one really takes it home, and all it does is make the banquet hall look pretty. There’s no real use to it. Considering Metropol is already a very beautiful venue and that I don’t really like flowers, we didn’t care to pay so much for centerpieces. When Emin and I sat and talked about our budget for flowers, I told him I didn’t really want flowers so we should keep the budget low. I was fine with not doing any centerpieces and just making our sweetheart table and cake table very grand and majestic. After all that’s usually the focal point for pictures. Emin and I decided on a below average budget for our flowers. We knew it would probably be difficult to find someone who could work with what we were offering, but if it meant not having centerpieces we were okay with that. 

My mom and I did a lot of research using Pinterest for centerpiece designs. Because our wedding colors are black, red, and gold we really wanted to come up with a design that felt romantic and regal. After looking at things online, I decided I didn’t want floral centerpieces. Candles seemed to fit our theme much more! Emin was up for the idea. Unfortunately for us, there weren’t many florists who were doing much with candles. Yes, they were using them, but not as the focal point of the table. That’s where our florist comes in. 

Manifa's Story: Selecting Our Florist

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