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Centerpieces play a major role in decorating receptions. The details and flowers of the centerpieces help establish a theme and set the mood for the entire event. Recently, we've seen a variety of centerpieces for different styles of weddings. Depending on your vision, you can incorporate different elements and flowers into the centerpieces. From rustic, modern, glamorous, classic, to vintage weddings, there is a centerpiece that will fit your style. Here are our top 10 favorite trends for centerpieces.

Hanging decorations and cascading flowers for centerpieces are elegant and romantic. Examples include cascading flowers, globes, feathers, pearls and crystal embellishments.

Centerpieces by TicTock Florals

Photo Source Tic-Tock Couture Florals 

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Romantic, stylish, and beautiful, braids have recently become of the major bridal hair trends. Inspired by the red carpet choice of hairstyle, we've been seeing various styles of bridal braids. Here are our top 8 favorites by hairstylists from Studio Kay.

1. Braid Updo:

Keep it simple in the front and intricate in the back with a braid updo. Either add a simple braid or pin various braids to create your updo. 

Braid updo by Lara C Kay

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Colors are an important part of wedding planning as they set the theme and mood of the event. Some couples may have their dream wedding colors in mind while others may choose depending on the location, season, or other details. Either way, it's beneficial to know the season's trends for that year in order to help set a direction and choose your wedding colors.

Every year, Pantone reports the colors of the season. For Spring 2016, the colors are much brighter and happier, yet comforting and calm, transforming us to a more positive and optimistic place. We searched Pinterest for inspirations for each color and created the following color boards to help you choose your favorite.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Color Board 

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