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One of the best parts of weddings is being gathered in a room full of people you know, don't know, haven't seen for a long time, or just met and dancing, drinking, eating and celebrating together all night! Weddings sometime become reunions for family, friends, and even a place where new friendships and relationships are made. Ultimately, they are a place where people connect! Imagine being familiarized with all the guests before you actually attended a wedding. You would feel more connected, comfortable and enjoy the wedding collectively. You would skip the lengthy introductions and in a way feel like old friends with everyone there. We recently came across Guesterly that does just that. Guesterly is basically a yearbook for your wedding! It is a wedding guide to who's who. As a guest, you’ll know how the other guests know the couple, learn about them, and even identify some of your long lost relatives! Guesterly focuses on the guests, making sure they love and enjoy the wedding as well.  

Guesterly Magazine

Photo source Guesterly 

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As DIY weddings have become popular, new and creative ideas have emerged! Your wedding bouquet is one such item that you can design or build yourself. Your bouquet no longer has to be made only from flowers. There are many alternatives which also last longer making your bouquet a keepsake from your special day. Here are some of our favorite DIY bridal bouquets. 

1. Jeweled Bridal Bouquet

Jeweled Bridal Bouquet

Photo source Etsy

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Hair accessories and veils complete the bride’s look. They must complement the wedding dress and match the bride’s personality. For instance, some brides like simple, elegant pieces while others like to make a statement with more dramatic pieces. 

We’re excited to feature beautiful bridal accessories by Hajiani Couture! Hajiani creates custom tiaras, headpieces and veils to match the bride’s attire and personality. We love the intricate details involved in this collection of couture bridal accessories. Hajiani Couture unveiled her collection at the 2015 Harsanik Bridal Show and we’ve put together some of our favorites to help you choose the right look.

veils and accessories

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Entertainment has always been a major part of celebrations. Recently we’ve been seeing more and more couples include different types of entertainment at their wedding. Sometimes the couple and/or the bridal party learn a dance themselves. Other ideas include bringing dancers, musicians, bands, instrument players, fire dancers and even theatrical performances. Here are some examples. 

Dynamic Duo Dance Studio

Dynamic Duo Dance Studio specializes in Ballroom/Latin, Hip Hop, & Ballet. So if you want to learn Ballroom for your first dance, you can contact them.

Wedding Entertainment: Dynamic Duo Dance Studio

Photo source Dynamic Duo Dance Studio

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