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Flowers are an important and special part of all weddings. Most couples spend a lot of time and money choosing the right flowers for their special day. After all that planning, the last thing you want is to throw it all away. From your centerpieces to bridal bouquet, there are many ways to preserve your flowers as keepsakes. Here are 4 ways to preserve your flowers after the wedding:

1. Make Jewelry

Use dried flowers or turn flowers into beads to make jewelry

Flower Necklace

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Wedding décors in 2016 have gone far from the ordinary to new and creative styles. One of this year's most popular is the agate and geode décor. These stones are the perfect touch to your wedding to create a modern yet Boho chic theme. Their beautiful shapes, unique patterns, and vibrant colors are simply gorgeous and make dazzling decorations. Here are 7 ways to incorporate agate and geode into your wedding.

1. Wedding Cake

Based on your color theme, incorporate agate or geode designs into your wedding cake. This give the cake a 3D feeling as well!

Wedding Cake

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Choosing your wedding flowers is one of the most important yet challenging parts of wedding planning. As you start searching and seeing all the beautiful flower combinations on Pinterest, the process may feel overwhelming. From so many pretty blooms to choose from, it can be difficult to decide on which to choose to include in your wedding!

To help you get started, we've featured FTD Flower's top 3 favorite centerpieces, each inspired by different color palettes and themes. From classic blooms like roses and peonies, to exotic varieties such as protea and even air plants, these centerpieces will certainly inspire your wedding centerpiece designs. Each mood board is accompanied by a helpful list of the flowers used, so that you can easily recreate them yourself!

Bold and Bright

1. Bold & Bright

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As beautiful and ornate your wedding cake will be, what's inside the fondant layer counts, too!

Cake Flavors

Photo Source La Creme Wedding Cakes

Remember: You're allowed to think beyond the confines of chocolate and vanilla to land on a flavor that is uniquely delectable. A slice of your wedding cake is, most times, the last bite your guests will have on your Big Day, so leave them with something that's memorable, different and delicious. 

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Dressing your bridesmaids goes beyond just selecting the style of their dresses. Whether you choose traditional or mismatched bridesmaids dresses, in many cases, color may come before the design! The color of bridesmaids dresses helps your main ladies look like a cohesive part of your Wedding Day, not the main attraction or completely lost in the backdrop.

Depending on your theme and season, you can choose a color that best fits your wedding. The following trends reflect the beauty and atmosphere of the Spring/Summer 2016: 

Modern: Nude or white

Bridesmaids Dresses

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