As beautiful and ornate your wedding cake will be, what's inside the fondant layer counts, too!

Cake Flavors

Photo Source La Creme Wedding Cakes

Remember: You're allowed to think beyond the confines of chocolate and vanilla to land on a flavor that is uniquely delectable. A slice of your wedding cake is, most times, the last bite your guests will have on your Big Day, so leave them with something that's memorable, different and delicious. 

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If you love a simple look with a slight vintage touch, similar to that of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, then the drop veil is the perfect match for you. Drop veil, also known as halo veil, is an elegant style of veil that simply falls over the face. There are no gathers or obvious clips, pins, or combs in a drop veil which add to its' simplicity.

Drop Veil

Photo Source POPSUGAR

The main question regarding drop veils is how to secure the veil so that it stays fastened throughout the ceremony. To help you get the look, we've featured 3 different ways to secure a drop veil. 

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You are now Mr. and Mrs!

Your wedding day is now a moment in history—an event you'll fondly remember and re-tell for the rest of your life. Isn't in nice to breathe a little easier now that all the planning and preparations are over?

After you've taken a moment to bask in the glory and unforgettable moments of the Big Day, there are still a couple of things you have to do as you walk down the path of happily ever after. We've featured a few of those post-wedding to-do list items below! 

Select Songs for Your Video

Depending on your videography package, you'll receive a short-and-sweet highlight 'reel of your wedding, plus all the footage. Start thinking about 8–10 songs that represent you as a couple and the Big Day. This way, you'll be ready send them over to your videography team as soon as you are asked.

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Dressing your bridesmaids goes beyond just selecting the style of their dresses. Whether you choose traditional or mismatched bridesmaids dresses, in many cases, color may come before the design! The color of bridesmaids dresses helps your main ladies look like a cohesive part of your Wedding Day, not the main attraction or completely lost in the backdrop.

Depending on your theme and season, you can choose a color that best fits your wedding. The following trends reflect the beauty and atmosphere of the Spring/Summer 2016: 

Modern: Nude or white

Bridesmaids Dresses

Photo Source Couture Foto

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This week we started to hand out our invitations. Traditionally, in Armenian families, we attend the guest's home and join them for a cup of tea or coffee as we present the invitations. The first place we went after our parent's homes was my cousin Armine's home. Armine's two daughters, Anita and Aileen, are also two of my bridesmaids. In addition to the invitations, I decided to present them with their bridesmaid gifts.

Christine's Story Gifts for Bridesmaids

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There are many details involved in choosing a wedding cake. However, once you've found your inspirations and you're ready to design your cake, you must decide on the ultimate question...which icing will cover your cake? Fondant or buttercream?

Buttercream vs. Fondant

Photo Source Cake Studio LA

The two main choices for finishing a cake are fondant and buttercream. Both icings are made from different ingredients and have advantages and disadvantages depending on your preferences. Here are important tips you need to know to help you choose your icing:

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We recently shared famous Armenian Singer Mister X and Svetlana's stunning wedding on the Harsanik blog. The couple got married on November 1, 2015 with a beautiful ceremony at St. Leon Cathedral followed by a dreamy reception at the Renaissance Banquet. If you recall, Artur Hakobyan (Mister X) wrote a song for Svetlana and performed on their wedding day. Arthur and Svetlana decided to break down memories from their wedding day into a music video to share the song. Jay Jay Productions helped create the video and capture all the moments from their special day. We love this romantic idea and having something so personal as a keepsake from their wedding.

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Hot from the Vera Wang atelier is the designer's collection for Spring 2017, and brides everywhere have already feasted their eyes on the beautiful gowns they can adorn next season!

Vera Wang Spring 2017

Photo Source WWD

Wang's soon-to-come selection, unsurprisingly, captures her timeless vision in a truly avant-garde, unique way. Modern composition with a nod to the opulent French Court were common themes that is noticeable from dress to dress. Whether it is a form fitting, free-flowing design, or a floor length, majestic pieces, the house of Wang infused an abundance of lace, organza, pearls and corsetry into Spring 2017.

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This is it! My last blog before the big day and I've saved my favorite vendor for last, my florist. I first heard of Martha & Co Martha as she was the florist for a friend's wedding. I used her services for a birthday party I threw for my parents and her work was flawless. She is really multi-talented and wears so many hats. Naturally, and without hesitation, I chose her to be my wedding florist. Given my nervousness and anxiety over all of the planning that had to go into this big day, I met with Martha a total of 5 times! As you may know, this isn't the norm! One or two meetings should be all that you need. 

Talar's Story Flowers

Photo Source Martha & Co Martha

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