Alas, the Big Day has passed!

The memories of your beautiful ceremony and reception are still very much alive in the hearts and minds of your beloved guests, however. Each and every one of them came to dine, dance and celebrate with you in honor of your nuptials.

To remind your guests just how grateful you are that they attended your wedding, make sure to send them a special thank you card. Here are 3 quick tips to keep in mind before the thank you cards are signed, sealed and delivered.

Axiom Designs Thank You Card

Photo Source Axiom Designs and Printing

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Often times when purchasing a bridal gown, brides will also opt in for a matching veil. When I was purchasing my gown, I didn't fall in love with any of the suggested veils. Because my dress is a very dramatic ball gown, the designer suggested a short veil. The longest veil that was recommended was elbow length but I really had my heart set on a cathedral veil.

Christine's bridal veil 

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As you embark down the path of selecting your wedding dress, sometimes, narrowing down your list of favorite designers will help make the process a little bit easier. There's so much involved with picking the one, and with hundreds of options, doing your research and zeroing in a couple of labels will bring you closer to making a decision.

Now that spring is here, some of our favorite things about season—including flowers and its vibrant nature—are represented in Hayley Paige's Spring 2016 collection of bridal gowns.

While you're on the hunt to finding your dream gown, take a look at some of our top picks from Hayley's latest collection. Each look is fun, unique and just like spring, bright and fresh!

Flower Power

Hayley Paige Spring 2016

Photo Source JLM Couture 

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Decorating the hall is such an exciting part of wedding planning. Lucky for us, Metropol's design is already beautiful and has it's own elegance to which we really didn't need to add much. However, by the recommendation and suggestion of our florist, I started looking for a special head table, specifically a mirror one, that would add an extra touch to our wedding. She had recommended that I look into the services of ZI Events for some options. 
Zievents Decorations
Photo Source ZI Events 

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Your guests are at a standstill. All eyes are on you—the bride and groom.

Wedding First Dance

You're walking toward the dance floor and the first couple of seconds of "your song" is playing... can you already visualize and hear it?

Picking your first dance song is often one of the most challenging parts to wedding planning, especially because it has to be just right.

If "All of Me" or "A Thousand Years" isn't really your cup of tea, Harsanik's curated a playlist below that contains some first dance songs you may not have heard yet.

Check out these ballads that will surely set your first dance apart from the rest, making your big husband and wife debut even more special and unique!

1. "Wonderwall" by Ed Sheeran

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During a bridal fitting Oscar de la Renta once said "In the same manner that she fell in love with that man, I hope she's going to fall in love with that dress..." And most women do! For many women, their wedding dress is the most important and special dress they'll ever wear. Accordingly, after the big day, most brides want to cherish and preserve their dress forever. In the recent years, however, a new trend called "trash the dress" has emerged, introducing a slightly different approach to preserving a dress!

trash the dress photography

Photo Source Armen Asadorian Photography

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Flowers have always held a place close to my heart. When I was young, my mom used to make sill flower arrangements for our house and for friends. In high school, my close friend worked at the local florist. I thought what a beautiful line of work. So I started working at the local florist in high school. I realized though, my favorite florals were wedding florals and luckily I got the opportunity to work with a florist that does a lot of weddings. Bardwell's Florist became like my second home and family.

Christine's centerpiece inspiration

Photo Source Pinterest

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According to the Internet, a "maid of honour" in the UK historically meant that you were the attendant of a queen. Although monarchy may be limited in the political world, things haven't really changed for wedding days and ceremonies! If the title of "maid of honor" (MOH) is bestowed upon you, gear up to serve your queen (aka the bride!) in all the days leading up to, the day of, and even after the wedding.

Datevig and Shant's Featured Wedding

Photo Source VisualMasterpiece

See more photos from Datevig and Shant's Featured Wedding

There is no history book or set-in-stone precedent that clearly states what a MOH's duties are. And although there's no definite answer, there are some things that should be on every MOH's checklist.

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In place of a bridal shower, I decided I wanted to have a tea/hat party with my closest friends and family for some brunch and cocktails. After looking at several locations, I decided on the adorable little restaurant called Favorite Place in Glendale, which by coincidence has mint green walls, one of the colors of my wedding! The staff at Favorite Place Restaurant was so accommodating and their prices were unbeatable! I can't remember hearing a "no" to any one of my questions. They didn't even have a cake cutting or corking fee!

Talar's Tea Party

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Marilyn Monroe famously sang, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend." That line couldn't be truer as your significant other presents you with a gorgeous rock in the form of an engagement ring.

But have you ever wondered what goes into picking the right diamond for your ring? There is a science to it, something known as the "4Cs". If you haven't heard of the acronym yet, here is Harsanik's simple breakdown that will come in handy as you—or your fiancé to be!—are imagining the ring of your dreams.

Engagement Rings

Photo Source Jay Jay Productions

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