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A Sparkling Affair offers a variety of bridal accessories including money boxes, ring pillows, custom linen design, and decorative glasses. Custom couture crystal and bead work is also available on wedding gowns, veils, shoes and props.


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Reader discretion advised. True story.

Where do I begin. July 2010 I approach a dress maker for a custom made wedding gown. The name of the dress maker will remain anonymous as this review is for the magic conducted by A Sparkling Affair. Long story short, after having paid my deposit as well as providing over $1,000 worth of materials long in advance, the dress maker decides to start working on my dress during prom season, her busiest season as she stated many times. Keep in mind I was told to provide my deposit and materials a year in advance so that she can get a head start and give me the attention needed, as like she stated prom season is her busiest season and she will have no time for me. She reassured me that she can duplicate the dress that I wanted, and I trusted her to do exactly so. With three cancellations, to go on vacation, and my dress not even prepared past a 1st fitting status, I began to worry. The Saturday before my wedding, as I cried at night thinking of how horrible I will look in my dress that is still no where near finished, which weight twice as much as I did, I was left with no other choice but to leave the dress as is and buy a dress off the rack from David's Bridal. I was left with a polyester mermaid dress probably of less value than a Sears prom dress, and of course with absolutely no beadwork. In my tear filled stressful state I called Sarin with A Sparkling Affair in the dead of night to ask if there is any miracle she can pull to turn my rags into riches. she made a personal appearance to Davids bridal not only to assure that my dress alterations were being done properly, but to consult what can be done...two days before my wedding!!! My dress left David's Bridal Wednesday July 06 2011 at 9:00 p.m. and was returned to me Thursday July 07 2011 at 10:00 a.m. with full on Swarovski embellished beadwork , a french bustle to pin my train up for ease while dancing, as well as her finishing touches on the skirt to mimic the design of the original dress I attempted to have made. She also made a two layer veil, one a blusher, and the second a 9 foot cathedral veil, all embellished with Swarovski crystals all along the embroidered trim she hand sewed along the edges of the veils. She surprised me with a custom made headpiece for me to wear for my reception, also embellished with Swarovski crystals. Last but not least she also custom made a crystal embellished cinderella carriage shoe sini. To this day, I am still upset about the events that occurred. I am grateful to have had Sarin with a Sparkling Affair give me the attention that a bride needs. I highly suggest that all vendors take this as an example of such professionalism as A Sparkling Affair demonstrates. Without a doubt I will recommend to utilize her services offered. One advice I can give brides to be is read my story and make sure you don't fall into the same trap as I did. Make a wise choice, and choose A Sparkling Affair.
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Amazing, talented & pleasure to work with!!!

I want to thank you so much for creating such interesting, unique and beautiful pieces for my wedding! Thank you for crystallizing my entire veil, head piece, two garters, flower girl baskets and so much more! You took my wedding into your own hands and created a stunning event with your creations! I loveeeddd the hair piece you created with the feathers, swarovski crystals and netting. Thank you THANK YOU! You are awesome! Keep up the amazing work!!
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Her magical touch for my wedding 10-10-10

I had given her my bridesmaid dresses and she went above and beyond to design and crystallize them with Swarovski crystals. She made sure that every one of them had the exact same pattern! The bridesmaid dresses came out so amazing!

She also designed my veil which looked breathtaking once she was finished with it! It had two layers of edged crystals along with more crystals around the veil.

She definitely has a creative touch when it comes to adding the finest detail! I loved everything she has done for my wedding! I certainly recommend her for all kinds of events!!!!!!!
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My wedding in 09-07-08

I loved how she took my wedding dress and turned it into a million dollar dress by adding all the little crystals detail by detail, in a very classy delicate way. She even added little crystals to my veil, looked so beautiful! Loved her work, very affordable for her quality of work...will love to recommend her!!!
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