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As one of the most sought after Disc Jockeys in the Los Angeles area, Alex has been entertaining crowds for almost a decade now.


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Amazing performance keeps the crowd going!

We had DJ Alex with his live band for my sister's wedding and let me just say he couldn't get me off the dance floor! The live band was amazing. We loved the live guitarist that came with his band who truly put on a show for us. We couldn't have been happier. Music is the key to a successful night and DJ Alex will not let you down.
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Best DJ!!!

DJAlex is the best Dj. He was our Dj for our wedding and he did such an amazing job. Everybody was dancing and having a great time. We got so many compliments. And we loved working with him and he did exactly what we had asked him to. He knows exactly how to make people dance which to me that\\'s the most important part of a wedding. I've also been a guest at weddings where he was the Dj and I had the best time. I highly recommend him for all your events.
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Critical for a great wedding

We already knew DJ Alex was awesome...we had seen him in action at various clubs, looked through his youtube samples and noticed all of the great reviews. But when it came time for our own wedding, we were naturally nervous (as we were with all of our vendors).

Needless to say, any anxiety that we had was out the door the minute we heard him spin...he seriously took our wedding to the next level. We had three dance sessions in our wedding and for each one the dance floor was packed...and if you are like us, that is very important. In addition to himself, Alex brought an assistant who took care of the cool dance floor lighting and a M.C. who actually sang some of the songs, which at first I thought were coming from the original track...I mean, this guy was amazing. It was like having an actual band playing at our wedding being mixed in with a club-like music...the best of both worlds...
Looking back at our wedding (9 days ago), there were somethings that we would have done not have given into my wife's request for a horse&carriage :) ...but having DJ Alex at the wedding was one of the best decisions we made ... you will not be disappointed with DJ Alex!
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Best DJ

Alex is the best DJ that I have ever seen. I always have enjoyed from the songs in all the weddings that he has been the DJ. By his presence there is no need for live music and I highly recommend him for all wedding events.
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Great DJ, Great Service

DJ Alex was an amazing person to deal with. He turned our wedding into a great party, played all the right songs at the right time, and was willing to play what we wanted as well.

He catered to all of our requests and brought great percussionists to play along with him. We even got on stage and jammed with them!

I would recommend DJ Alex to anyone who is throwing any type of special get together.
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1000000000 stars!

I first heard about DJ Alex at the New Years Eve party at Arbat and he was by far the best dj I had ever heard. I'm not sure if all dj's use the same type of equipment or know the proper volume setting but DJ Alex just sounds better! The sound is clear, best song selection and mixing, keeps the party alive and rocking!! I knew I had to get him for my next event.

I booked him for a baby shower on July 16, 2011 and had an amazing time! He was professional and prompt right from the beginning. Arrived to the baby shower early and was set up and ready to go. Once the party started he had the best song selection and all throughout the day I received soooo many compliments on how great our dj was. He definitely added to the excitement of the games. He was a pleasure to work with...has a great attitude, very professional, best song selection, very talented at what he does... he's the whole package!

I look forward to working with DJ Alex again for all my upcoming events.
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Best DJ

I have been to many parties and weddings and let me just say the dance DJ Alex djed was by far hands down the best ever! He kept the mood really alive and fast. You didn't to stop dancing even though your feet where killing you. He transitioned the songs so smoothly and played a wonderful and wide verity of songs! Dj Alex was so friendly and professional! he was on time and used only the best equipment! I highly recommend him for any kind of occasion you want to use a dj!!!!!!!!!!!
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You rock!!!!

For the past ten years, DJ Alex has been DJing all our events and he has always rocked our events. He has done my 18th Bday, Engagement, Bridal Shower, Wedding, and housewarming party. He has also played at my friends weddings, showers, and Bdays. I am writing this out of my personal experience. He has always been so on time at my events to ensure everything is under control and if I had any last minute requests. He has made my wedding more memorable by playing the best music. I didn't even have the urge to have a singer. On the day of my wedding, my 500 guests were on their feet dancing the night away. He is great at what he does and he knows how to make a crowd "CRAZY"!!!! He is a great entertainer and DJ. I highly recommend him to everyone for their upcoming events. A party can't be as fun as it would be with a DJ like Alex.
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The Best DJ in town

The trust Alex and you will have the best party ever.
I had such a great experience with DJ Alex in my sister's wedding.He did an amazing job.He is the one who can move all type of guests.The dance floor was full.He brings the energy in the room.Everyone loves him.Young, old, Armenian, Persian, American, Greek and....
I personally appreciate your effort on my sister's wedding.

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Alex you rocked our world that night!! U R the Bes

I usually don't like to write reviews, but after my wedding, June 17 2011, I had to write one for Alex. Over the years I have been to many events and seen a lot of DJ's do their thing, they were ok but the one DJ who has been consistent in getting the party started and keep it going is Alex.
When it was time for my wedding I knew he was the person to call and it was one of the first things I booked because I knew of his popularity.
If you are looking for a Dj, who can make 358 guests dance, young and old, Armenian and Non Armenian, at the same time and not allow them to sit with his amazing mixes,
hire Dj Alex.
He showed a stunning work at my wedding also my sister's wedding 2 years ago, which mixes professionalism, great new songs, mixed selection, generosity and a breathtaking energy! You can tell he's passionate about what he does. His prices are very reasonable too. If I could add five more stars I would, but I guess I can't lol I highly recommend him and will always use him in the future.
Alex, my husband and I would like to thank you for the amazing and crazy evening which would have never been the same without.


A & V,
The June 17 2011 couple
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You rock

For the past ten years he has been djing at all of our events including our engagement and he made every one of them a night to remember. He is great at what he does and make sure that everyone is having a good time. Having Alex at your event will guarantee a night to never forget. I strongly recommend him to everyone.
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Mothers Day Madness

DJ Alex was an amazing choice for our party in Houston,TX. He really understood what the people wanted. His transitions from song to song were perfect, couldn't ask for more. He played slow songs for the couple but also considered that fact that majority were younger people and sped it up so everyone could enjoy their evening. He played appropriate songs that appealed to the entire group and kept everyone going. He made everyone dance with his carefully picked set list.Playing all genres of music made him a surefire choice in our community he easily went from Armenian to American and even to Persian. I highly recommend him to everyone if there is a party to be had DJ Alex is definitely the best choice.
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Fantastic Mothers Day Dance

We had arranged a mothers day dance for our Armenian community in Houston,TX and Dj Alex was fantastic! I've never seen a DJ make 200 people dance at the same time. Player great mix of music for everyone. We had a blast and would love to him again! He was very organized, on time, and even stayed a little longer to entertain! Loved him! I highly recommend him.
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Good Music but Ruined Everything Else

Where to start.......First, yes, the music was good with a good selection of songs. However, there are more bads than there are goods......
BAD NUMBER (1), ruined our first/entrance song, he blew the power to his equipment and only the subwoofer was took him a while to even get it back up "thanks for the moment". Maybe you should have "TESTED" the system and got there earlier...but it's only a suggestion...huh
BAD NUMBER(2), dinner was supposed to be 45min and he was missing for more than an hour...."where were you?"....
BAD NUMBER (3), we were supposed to have a percussionist and there was NO percussionist...."where was he???" Empty promises....huh
BAD NUMBER(4), when a client pays for a service and/or DJ, the DJ is supposed to be there and not have side kicks spinning in his place...."Did we hire you or your friend???".... Maybe he was training his our expense.
I was not going to write a review BUT the reason I decided to write one is because I didn't event get an "apology" for any of the above issues, ESPECIALLY, ruining our first song! Customer service goes a long way but it seems as though he doesn't know what that means. I guess it's ALL about getting paid.....HUH

Business Response:
My career has lifted off as a well-renowned deejay solely do to my customer service and I take pride in my work to the utmost, therefore, I would like to clarify the obvious confusion that occurred during this event as I remember all my events thoroughly and I will explain below. It seems as though the faults of the banquet hall, catering service and video/photography crew has fallen burden on DJ Alex Entertainment in this instance and I will explain clearly how your event on Saturday, August 21st, 2010 at Brandview Collection took place. Hopefully future clients planning on an event can read this and take advantage of the possible complications that may arise to take special precautions to ensure an effortless and successful event!

For your first complaint: I have never in my career "Blown Equipment" as a matter a fact I do not allow anyone to even step over my wiring, the reason the music was cut was because the Banquet Hall's outlet they dedicated to me had a fuse pop and I literally carried a massive speaker clear across the floor to plug into a working outlet so the song wouldn't be ruined but that was not in my hands!

For your second complaint: During dinner soft music is played on a track prerecorded for countless hours of continued play that does not require me to be standing "mixing" songs over the deejay booth. The video/photography team couldn't get their equipment properly placed for the table by table guest videography hence the delay, once again not in my hands BUT no song was skipped nor was there a single moment of silence/lapse at any given moment during dinner. I am always available near the table and/or backstage dedicated to me by the client themselves.

For your third complaint: No percussionist was promised or guaranteed, we have written contracts and I urge you to review yours, as I have the signed copy and none was promised. When a percussionist is requested we consult with the percussionist and inform the client of his availability and based on his availability his fees are contractually discussed. He was not booked for this event per client request!

For your final complaint: I am the only deejay providing the sound(s) for the event, the only other person present with me is the lighting coordinator for which we provided special effects equipment for free! At no given time do I bring a secondary deejay at my events. We have a fully operational studio with the most cutting edge technology which I would utilize for training purposes if necessary, never at a customers expense at a wedding.

I do send out my sincere apology for the trouble you had to endure during your special event but none of which was under my control (as your best man can confirm himself as he apologized to me of the error the hired "wedding coordination team" caused that should have "tested" the proper equipment needed to make this event flawless) nor was it brought forth by my team. We rectified the situation as best as we could have given the circumstances and limited resources! Money is never our motive for an event to be successful, we do our absolute best possible no matter what size of an event or occasion, therefore, accusing us of wanting to "just to get paid" is not how we operate considering much was included for free and the price was well lowered to accommodate your budget in the first place.

Best Regards,
DJ Alex
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