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Love, dedication, and the desire for always improving are the factors that have elevated DJ International throughout the years. All of us at DJ international pride ourselves on the individual attention we give to every special event, because we understand that each event is unique in its own respect. This is the heart of our philosophy. We firmly believe that customer needs are the most important aspect of our business and for that reason we understand that it all starts with listening, observing, planning, and implementing. We give our best every time, to not only provide the best quality service, but also a multitude of services. In regards to our entertainment-design planning, it is two-fold, so that our customers can have the option to pick and choose the services that most fit their individual desires.

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DJ Nic you rocked our world that night!!

I've been an event manager for a couple of years, so I had the opportunity to go and organize a lot of "get togethers". But the party for my cousin's wedding, livened up by DJ Nic, was probably one of the best parties I have ever had!!!
DJ Nic has showed a stunning work, which mixes professionalism, great songs, mixed selection, generosity and a breathtaking energy!!! He definitely rocked the house at 200%!!
Thank you for this amazing and crazy evening which would have never been the same without DJ Nic!! THANK YOU!!
Posted By: | Jul 7th, 2011 | View all my reviews
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Amazing D.J

Hey Everyone, I had my Engagement party, And D.J NIC was my D.J,
He was very nice and very professional and showed that he had alot of passion for his work, which face it is kind of hard to find in D.j's now a days. Started with traditional Armenian music then moved on to up to date hip hop and techno music. No one was sitting down when he was playing music. Great mixes and perfect mood settings. WE CAN'T WAIT FOR THE WEDDING!!!!!
Posted By: | Jun 30th, 2011 | View all my reviews
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Honestly the best DJ in town

Over the years I have been to many events and seen a lot of DJ's do their thing but the one DJ who has been consistent in getting the party started and keep it going is Arsen. When it was time for my wedding I knew he was the person to call and it was one of the first things I booked because I knew of his popularity. He takes the time to meet his clients before the event to discuss exactly what they want and he delivers 110%. Honestly if you have him you don't even need to hire a singer because the party is always more happening when he's on. I haven't reviewed any of my other vendors but I really felt the need to let you all know just how good he is.
Posted By: | Jun 13th, 2011 | View all my reviews
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Best DJ in LA!!!

Arsen was our DJ at our wedding in December and he was amazing. He was so attentive and detail oriented. He made our day very special and treated our guests as his own, all our guests were very impressed and even made a point in coming to us with their compliments. Besides the fact that these guys are great DJs and they cater to every request with the at most professionalism they celebrate your occasion with you and make sure that no details are missed. I'm a hard person to please but I was blown away by the service and I highly recommend them. Today was my baby shower and of course we tried Arsen again and as always he made sure everyone had an amazing time we danced our shoes off all the way to the end. WE HAD A BLAST!!!! Thank you Arsen for sharing another happy day with us and making it extra special!!! See you next time :)))

Many Thanks,
Suzy and Robert
Posted By: | May 22nd, 2011 | View all my reviews
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Keep the crowd satisfied as always!

There is one thing that you would like to keep in mind when meeting with these guys. All three DJs are special in their own ways on the job and outside of it as well. Despite the fact that all of them have a great personality, DJing has made them well known throughout these years and now it looks like they're on the rise and nobody can stop them. Their success makes me feel happy. Ever since I met dj Hrach I have been trying to compare different djs, but it's pointless.

Best wishes, Maria
Posted By: | May 16th, 2011 | View all my reviews
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A Night of memories and joy!

There is no such thing as an okay DJ. I think that the quality of the entertainment should not change depending on the event type whether it is a wedding, christening, or a birthday. I have a picky personality, but once I find that one and only entertainer I am looking for, then it is hard for me to search elsewhere. That was the case for my wedding when I hired DJ Arsen for entertainment in DJ and light show. The night was still young when we did the grand entrance, but it wasn't long when we realized that the most memorable and emotional night came to an end. I have to say that DJ International is the best entertainment company out there!
Posted By: | May 9th, 2011 | View all my reviews
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dj Nic you are amazing!

I am absolutely stunned by dj Nic. Wow! You rocked the house with your highly skilled mixes and very unique song selection that made our party happen! I can't wait until my brother's wedding in August to feel the energy and positivity that you provide us with your presence. Yet again I want to thank dj Nic for making it a special day for all of us! You're hired for all of our events.

Yelena S.
Posted By: | May 6th, 2011 | View all my reviews
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Amazing DJ and a memorable night!

Thanks to my friends who have great taste in music when it comes to Disc Jockeys. Therefore, I referred to DJ Hrach. It was my first time hearing him perform during my event; moreover, I have no musical ear and can't tell a good song from a bad one whatsoever. Despite my understanding of music, it was enough just to take a look at the crowd on the dance-floor, since they were dancing non-stop and hungry for more. During the night I realized what kind of energy and drive the DJ was providing from the stage. It was the truly magical. Thank you Hrach!

with best regards, Suzan
Posted By: | May 5th, 2011 | View all my reviews
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The total dj company is here!

How can I possibly emphasize our affection for DJ International. Known for its audiovisual effects and the great personality of its members. A well known DJ company that has been around for two decades now has proved to the community that they know how to create an atmosphere that is hard to leave from. It is a feeling like no other, when you dance until your feet hurt, scream out of joy until eventually your voice is gone. My words are unlimited, but this page isn't, so I hope this was helpful for those of you who want to make the right decision. By the way, you have a selection of 3 awesome DJs to choose from: DJ Hrach, Nic and Arsen. I have heard all three of them perform. The choice is yours, so take the opportunity!
Posted By: | May 5th, 2011 | View all my reviews
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A DJ company with a taste in music!

This event meant everything to me, since it was for my little baby daughter who's Christening I have been planning a year ahead. It was finally around the corner and I was lucky to book my DJ early. In my opinion the main focus of my event included the best DJ in town, Arsen from DJ International. The night was unbelievable with different genres of music while continuously mixed into each other. I'd call it a melodic journey through a flood of lights. In my imagination the night seemed to be never ending. Thanks DJ Arsen, you are great! Keep it up!
Posted By: | Apr 28th, 2011 | View all my reviews
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Organized and Professional DJs

The hardest part during my wedding was the planning. No matter how hard you try there is always something that just won't be the way you planned it to be. After a long and a tiring day when everything seems to be going wrong, the unexpected happens. It was the case at my wedding reception. The minute the bridal party entered the hall until the last dance we were entertained in every possible way that one can imagine. I don't know what it was about the music that made me forget about the stressful moments of the day. I will be forever thankful and always refer DJ Nic to all friends and family.
Posted By: | Apr 27th, 2011 | View all my reviews
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Great job Hrach!

My fiance and I are known for hiring the best in DJs when it comes to entertainment. Most of our friends ask us to find the best professionals for them. In our top 10 list, DJ international comes first and will remain in that position, since their performance has proved once again during my sister's wedding at the Palladio last May. It was an unforgettable evening with Hrach hosting and DJing for the whole night. Thank you one more time for making it a reality.

Sofia Y.
Posted By: | Mar 25th, 2011 | View all my reviews
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DJ International - Your work is highly appreciated

A well-known dj company such as DJ International is hard to find these days. I have been following its rise since the early 90s and it has been raising the bar higher and higher until now. Its rise has pushed it to another level in the entertainment business. The best memories that are still with me today are a result of a strong start early in their career. Their selection of music and appearance on stage has risen to a more professional level during these years.

Posted By: | Jan 10th, 2011 | View all my reviews
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A night to remember thanks to DJ International

A lot of times I've heard people speaking negatively about the DJ; however, that's not the case with DJ International. Their experience and general knowledge regarding their clients, whether they be Armenian, Hispanic, American or any other ethnicity, they have a growing number of potential clients. I am also sure that the guests present during their parties must leave satisfied to the fullest, just like last time when I was present at a friend's wedding in Santa Monica. A night that I will remember for a long time. Next time when I plan an event, I'm going to hire DJ International to dj my event for sure!
Posted By: | Jan 10th, 2011 | View all my reviews
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An awesome show by dj Hrach once again!

Many people believe that everyone stays satisfied as long as the music is playing and the videographer is recording the important moments, right? Wrong, unless the DJ is rocking the place and the crowd is on the dance-floor that party can't be referred to as a memorable night. A great example of a night to remember is with DJ International. During all the events where music and lighting are mandatory, I hire experienced and professional DJs. Since, it plays a crucial part for making or breaking the event. Therefore, I highly recommend DJ International for your special celebration.
Posted By: | Jan 8th, 2011 | View all my reviews
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Thanks to DJ International for a magical evening!

It was because of DJ International that every minute of my engagement was special and went without any discrepancy. In addition, I think Arsen's personality just clicked with the invited guests who were dancing at all times as he was supplying the banquet hall with a constant flow of music throughout the evening. While there was music there was also a dance-floor full of people. It seemed as if the floor was shaking at times. There were absolutely no worries left for us throughout the night. I can't emphasize enough what an awesome DJ Arsen really is!
Posted By: | Jan 8th, 2011 | View all my reviews
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My gratitude to DJ International. Bravo!

Over and over I simply can't find words to describe DJ International and their skill. DJ Nic, not only through his original taste in music, but also by the special lighting features, completely satisfied our needs in planning and running the show for my Wedding reception. By the way all three of my events that I've planned so far, dj international has contributed actively through their great music selection, and high quality service overall. Therefore, I will trust my events solely to DJ International. Great job and keep up the good work!!!!

Posted By: | Dec 29th, 2010 | View all my reviews
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Nic is an unbeleivable DJ!!!

Lately I've been attending various events that have had different DJs who play the same dull music and I see tired faces of the guests who are invited. But I have to say that I did not feel this way when I witnessed DJ Nic perform at my brother's wedding a few weeks ago. This was by far the most exciting and joyous event I've been to. Not only because it was my brother's wedding, but more importantly I heard quality music that I never heard before. Second, I saw well organized attitude from the DJ. Not to mention that the dance floor was so crowded that the waiters barely got to serve us food. Once again I want to thank DJ Nic for making our event so special!
Posted By: | Dec 21st, 2010 | View all my reviews
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DJ International Rocks!

My wedding was spectacular and I have Hrach to thank. My wedding was in September and until this day my friends and family keep talking about how much fun they had! I highly recommend DJ International!!!
Posted By: | Dec 20th, 2010 | View all my reviews
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Forever thankful to DJ International

These DJs are the best in the marvelous job they do! I had Hrach as the dj for my wedding. A decision I will never regret. Moreover, I will turn to DJ International for my upcoming events.
Posted By: | Dec 13th, 2010 | View all my reviews
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Arsen is Amazing

We are so pleased that we chose your services for our wedding reception. Your work is extremely professional coupled with an amazing attention to detail. The sense of style you brought to our special day was tasteful and classy, but at the same time so much fun. Everyone at the wedding, both young and old, commented on our DJ and the music choices. All the songs just streamed so easily into one another which made the dancing so much easier. It is obvious that you are the best choice for a DJ and that you love your job. Your dedication shows through in everything that you do.
You made our wedding fun, entertaining and completely unforgettable. We never had to worry about anything having to do with the entertainment. Again, we thank you so much for making our wedding the wedding of our dreams. Your friendliness and professionalism surpassed our expectations and we will definitely recommend you.

With sincerest appreciation and gratitude,

Martin A.
Posted By: | Dec 10th, 2010 | View all my reviews
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Hrach made our night unforgettable!!!!

Hrach is AMAZING!! Truly knew how to keep everyone on the dance floor. He plays a large variety of music. My husband is Armenian and I'm Hispanic so its tough to please different crowds with different cultures but Hrach knew exactly what people want to hear. He is also very organized and will meet with you beforehand to understand your needs and helps you create your timeline. Our wedding went on without a hitch, thanks to Hrach. Our friends even tried to book him for their wedding next yr unfortunately he is already booked for their date. My friends offered to pay him double, but Hrach declined. That just shows his professionalism. Best DJ ever!!!
Posted By: | Nov 8th, 2010 | View all my reviews
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Hrach is the BEST!!!

I am forever thankful to Hrach for his making our wedding day perfect!
Our wedding was on May 23rd, 2010 , I called Hrach because I saw reviews on and he is everything great every one writes about. He was very helpful, courteous and above all a true professional. He met with us before and asked all the questions we thought on and didn't think of, he put our mind at ease because he talked about and covered everything. The night before the wedding I was worried and thinking about everything but how the music will be and for a good reason, he deserved our trust . Truthfully, he overdelivered and went beyond my expectations. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone!
Hrach thank you so much for making our wedding a blast!
Posted By: | Jul 30th, 2010 | View all my reviews
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Thank You Arsen!!! (Arin & Lucy 6-26-10)

Arsen is a phenomenal Dj!!!! We booked him for our engagement because we had heard from many friends and family that he is the absolute BEST. To me the DJ is the most important element of the party... you can have all the beautiful centerpieces you want, great food, and an amazing banquet hall, but, if you don't have a good DJ, all those expenses go to waste. Arsen brought life to our engagement!!! Our guests could not stop dancing (even my future father in law whom i've honestly never witnessed dancing at an event, EVER!!!). Arsen is very kind and detail oriented. We met several times before the event and he went over some important information, the guy even drew out a timeline for us so that things would go smoothly!!! I love to dance, and as I mentioned before the music is SO important to my fiance and I. I truly would not recommend someone if I did not really appreciate their work. He is an amazing DJ and if you want to have a great party BOOK him!!! Arin and I thank you for making our day so special!!!!
Posted By: | Jul 2nd, 2010 | View all my reviews
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The best and most professional DJ.

My friend recommended me to go see Arsen after he saw a performance, I don't remember what the event was. I talked to Arsen and met with him to plan my wedding. He was very professional. He clearly explained to me what he was going to do. The real surprise came on the day of my wedding when he delivered the performance. He kept the party live the whole time. Everybody from 3 to 80 year old were dancing, and everybody that I talked to that came to my wedding like Arsen very much and was real happy about his performance. I highly recommend Arsen and will definitely call him for my future events.

Thank you very much, Arsen.

Armen & Ani
Posted By: | Jan 3rd, 2010 | View all my reviews
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