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With a modern and pleasing selection of international music, DJ Sevag will take your wedding to a whole new level. Your guests will be thrilled to dance to today's hits along with the traditional hits of yester-year, all mixed seamlessly throughout the night. It will be the wedding everyone remembers, and it will be yours.
Book DJ Sevag and tell your hall you won't be needing any chairs. (Don't really tell them you don't need chairs)
We urge you to visit to understand the level of professionalism, precision and organization that you can expect from one of LA's top international djs.


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Great DJ and even better person

If you need a DJ for your big event, look no further than DJ Sevag. He was the DJ for my wedding at Brandview Ballroom in December 2016. First and foremost, his professionalism is second to none. He is very responsive, detail oriented, and organized. Beyond that, he is a very kind and compassionate person. He genuinely wants your event to be all it can be and special. My wife and I planned our entire wedding together and it was so refreshing to have someone like DJ Sevag in our corner: he was like a mini wedding planner. He likes to meet with you well in advance of the event and uses his amazing templates to bring structure by setting timetables and other important details. As a matter of fact, he brought some details to light that we had not even previously considered! The day of the wedding was as seamless as can be. He worked with a band that we also had performing but we can also say that he coordinated everything! He made sure that the photo and video people were where they needed to be, the band was playing when they were supposed to, and that we were satisfied throughout the entire event. As a matter of fact, we saw him running back and forth several times making sure that everybody was on task and sticking to the schedule. To us, that was priceless. He puts his all into the work and goes above and beyond. And I haven't even touched on the music! He truly brought the house down... everybody was on the dance floor whenever he played! And oh my goodness, we repeatedly watch clips of our entrance to the venue announced by DJ Sevag and get chills each and every time. He did a magical job. We couldn't have been happier to work with him and look forward to doing it again not just for the quality of his work, but also because of the type of person that he is. It doesn't get any better!
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Organising weddings remotely - Superb!

We chose DJ Sevag for our wedding on 09/04/16 at Ritz Celebration in Burbank. From the get go he was absolutely amazing! Sevag is very professional, timely, helpful and well mannered. We were planning our wedding from London, which made his job naturally more difficult. Despite this, DJ Sevag was there with us at every step of the way. He answered all of our questions and advised us on the agenda for the night based on our preferences. On our wedding day he was on time, prepared, organised and kept everyone calm and collected. He even managed to co-ordinate a last minute surprise and change of plan to have Maxim perform a few songs during the night! Sevag coordinated the music with him wonderfully! The night was a complete success and we couldn't have asked for a better DJ. Thank you DJ Sevag our wedding wouldn't have been the same without you!! Shant & Teni.
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DJ Sevag is such a nice guy and simply the Best!!!

We chose DJ Sevag for our wedding on 9/24/16 at Renaissance banquet hall in Glendale and he was absolutely amazing! His responsiveness, professionalism, and his love of music was clear from the start. Throughout our planning he answered our questions, advised us on making the best wedding agenda, and communicated what he needed from us. On our wedding day he was prepared, organized, and accommodated all the songs we asked for. We also had Joseph Krikorian and his band that night and Sevag coordinated the music with him wonderfully. The night was a blast with him and everything went perfectly. Couldn't have asked for a better DJ. Thank you DJ Sevag our wedding wouldn't have been the same without you.
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Beautiful wedding

Let us start off by saying Sevag is an amazing DJ. When my husband and I decided to get married on July 2nd, 2016, we automatically knew who we would be hiring to DJ our wedding. Sevag had DJ'ed our engagement 4 years ago, and since then he has DJ'ed a few of our friends and families weddings. Each time we saw him perform, my husband and I would say "we will be booking him for our wedding". This year alone (2016), our friends and cousins decided to get married as well. Without prior knowledge or coordination, we all ended up booking Sevag. To say he is our "go to" DJ is an understatement. We all love his work, and respect his dedication to providing the best music,entertainment and professionalism at any event. My husband has known Sevag before his outstanding career, and we are happy to continue that friendship and business relationship through the years. Our wedding venue, Hummingbird Nest Ranch, was a bit challenging as far as setup and coordination was concerned. We needed multiple setups for the ceremony, cocktail, and reception. Without hesitation, Sevag provided multiple setups and entertainment for our wedding. He listened to everything we wanted, and working closely with our coordinator to make sure everything was on schedule and on point. We look forward to many more events with him, and we will continue using his services for all of our future events. Thank you Sevag for everything!
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Awesome Night!!

We hired DJ Sevag for our wedding at the Palladio on 10/01/16 and he is a major reason why our night was such a success. Sevag was very helpful with the entire process starting from the first day we met him. He talked us through what a typical agenda would be like. When it came time to pick songs, he had great suggestions and options for us to pick from. During the reception, he took a lot of stress and worry away from us. He let us know the best times to do our cake cutting, speeches, etc. The crowd did not let us leave the dance floor practically the entire night and that really speaks the most about the quality of the entertainment that he provided. Thank you very much!!
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He made my wedding beyond perfect!

There's a lot I can say about Dj Sevag because I had seen him Dj many weddings I had been to, so when I was planning for my wedding I knew that he would be the perfect person to contact. I got married on January 16, 2016 and my reception was held at LA Banquets, Glenoaks Ballroom. He kept checking in with us, giving us warnings about how much time we had. That was very important to me. To top it all off, my husband's family (who is not Armenian) had such a blast because he balanced the music selection so well. He knows what the crowd likes and kept the party going. We loved how our guests kept dancing, there really wasn't a dull moment! He made our wedding all the more special and I'm so thankful for that! I would recommend him for anyone and everyone's wedding and do so to friends and family that are researching and looking!
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Best DJ Ever!

Just had my wedding on September 3, 2016 and I couldn't be happier with DJ Sevag. He listens to whatever each couple wants and also gives amazing options and advice. My wedding was a hit from beginning to end, and it was all because of Sevag. Even though it has been 24 days since our wedding any time I see a family member, they are literally raving about Dj Sevag and how amazing he was. September 3rd wouldn't have been the same without an amazing DJ like Sevag.
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The Best of the Best

Sevag is the absolute BEST! Even before getting engaged, I knew that I wanted Sevag as our DJ for our April 30th wedding (we booked him a week after being engaged). He is so professional and took the time to meet with us and email and call us so many times leading up to the wedding. He knows what will make the crowd get up out of their seats by playing all genres of music (Armenian, Arabic, American). Very, very talented and highly recommended!!!!!!
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DJ Sevag is the best!!!

DJ Sevag really made our wedding! I don't think our wedding would be as fun and lively without Sevag. Our dance floor was packed, the music selection met every single person's desires (including ours), and the overall energy and tone was on point because of DJ Sevag's skills. Our guests couldn't stop talking about the music and that they had never partied as hard at a wedding like ours. While Sevag is thorough and professional and asked us for music and songs that we as a couple wanted to be played on the day of, we told him to go with whatever he felt was needed to make sure our party was high-energy. He definitely exceeded our expectations, which already were high because we knew of his great reputation. One of my favorite parts was towards the end when our closest friends and family remained, DJ Sevag treated it like a small private party. We did karaoke and he played any song we requested. One of the best memories of my wedding day were on that dance floor dancing the night away. I want to do my wedding over just to have DJ Sevag repeat the magic he did for us that night. Thank you!!!
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DJ Sevag was the first vendor I called when I set

Believe the 5 star rating, it does not get any better than Dj Sevag. From his professionalism, to the support he gave us in the meetings before the wedding, to his music selection during our wedding, he was EXCELLENT! The first person I called after setting a date for our wedding was DJ Sevag, because I've seen him work before and it's unmatched. He does a lot more than just DJ's, he's assisting, coordinating throughout the night, making sure everything goes smoothly, and honestly we were more than satisfied. There wasn't a dull moment on our wedding night, everything went so smooth and a lot of it was because Sev was in charge of the night. He is very easy to work with, understands the type of music it takes to keep everyone dancing which was important for us, we had a half Armenian/Arab wedding, and he knows both styles to perfection!! We also asked for a good mix of 90's hip hop (old school) and also some house music, he put it all together for us ! Thank you Sevag, I would highly recommend him for any event!
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DJ Sevag

Amazing!!! So professional and was absolutely perfect and flawless. As the bride I have never had such an amazing time. Throughout the night and for weeks after we have heard "your DJ was amazing", "who was your DJ?", "music was amazing." We (Bride and groom) are the pickiest people and Sevag was amazing. We recommend him without any reservation! He made the night!!!!
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It doesn't get better than Sevag

I have not only had the pleasure of working with Sevag professionally as I am an Event coordinator and have coordinated many weddings that he had been hired for, but I also had the pleasure of working with him personally, as he was chosen to DJ my cousin's wedding as well. When my cousin got engaged, there was no doubt who I wanted her to book as I'd witnessed his work numerous times. So I scheduled a meeting for them with my fingers crossed. Sure enough she loved his vibe personality and style as much as I did and he was booked! The wedding came and went, and Sevag did an amazing job of reading the crowd and knowing EXACTLY what to play and when. He also was amazing at MCing and time management of the evening from speeches to cake cutting to bouquet toss. He was on track with everything! The work ethic of this man is unreal. I've seen a lot of weddings probably at the least 12 a year for the past 10 years and he's really one of the best! Hence he was my personal choice for our family wedding!
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#1 Choice for DJ!!

I knew how great DJ Sevag was from other weddings I had attended. The music was awesome, the dancing was non-stop, and the vibe was just amazing! So when I got engaged, there was no doubt I wanted DJ Sevag at my wedding. However, I never knew how easy it would be to work with him! He was very thorough from the beginning of the process, explaining what he does and how he does it. And he delivered to the max. I received several compliments from my guests saying what a great time they had at my wedding, He had the perfect mix of Armenian, Lebanese, Persian, and top 40 music. He also coordinated everything with us to make sure nothing was missed (i.e. he made sure my dad and I were both available before calling for father-daughter dance). He worked well with my photo and video as well to make sure everything was captured. DJ Sevag definitely brings years of experience and expertise to your event. Choosing him for my wedding was one of the easiest and best decisions I made! Thank you for making that aspect of my wedding planning easy!
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Dj Sevag rocked my daughter's baptism!!!

Dj Sevag did an awesome job at our wedding and without a doubt I knew I would hire him for my daughter's Christening! He is amazing and knows how to get the crowd started! We danced all night and everyone had a blast! Once again thank you so much Sevag!!!
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Dj Sevag is the Best!!!

The minute my husband and I got engaged; I knew Dj Sevag was going to be the one to get our wedding party going. Without a doubt! He's been a Dj to many of our past events and we are very happy with him. He is professional, organized and very good at what he does. Our wedding took place on May 2nd 2015. My husband and I were very nervous the day of our wedding especially when we walked into the reception. Dj Sevag, assisted us and guided us every step of the way. He explained to us when it would be best to cut the cake to when the first dance should take place and so on. We highly recommend his services to everyone. We are very pleased and grateful!
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Best DJ....Period!!

My wife and I hired DJ Sevag for our wedding last year. Let me tell you that DJ Sevag is the single most mind-blowing DJ you will meet. Everything in these other reviews is spot on (easy to work with, efficient, accommodating etc.) not to mention he had people dancing all night long!! There was not a single person in the entire hall that was not on their feet from the moment my wife and I walked in to the moment we left. He transitions flawlessly from song to song and from Armenian to American music. If you are searching for a DJ, look no further. He is without question the best DJ and you will not have a single regret in hiring him. He makes things so easy, and coordinates with the other vendors so well. Not to mention he keeps the flow of the evening so smoothly. My wife and I were so happy and thankful that he was able to do our wedding. Overall, top-notch, grade A++++ professional that will have peoples feet hurting on the dance floor all night long. Thank you DJ Sevag!!!!
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Beginning to End - Top Notch

DJ Sevag was referred to us by a friend who was recently married. We were planning our wedding to held in LA, but lived in NYC. I would have to say that from beginning to end, DJ Sevag was extremely professional, accommodating, straightforward, and just easy to work with. In reference to preparing for the wedding, he made things as simple as they could be, which was imperative since we were planning from 3000mi away. He was easy to get in contact with, and very organized. In reference to the wedding itself, he was perfect. Both sides of the family are not Armenian, so we thought it might present an issue, but not at all. He did a terrific job setting up the sound, with speeches/toasts, and most importantly, knowing when and what music to play at just the right times for a very eclectic mix of ages, cultures, musical tastes, etc. Can't say enough about what a great DJ he is. Thanks, Sevag!!!
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DJ Sevag was the obvious choice for our wedding September 7, 2014 at Renaissance Banquet Hall! I was thrilled when he told me he was available to DJ our wedding! He is extremely professional and is a pro at reading the crowds and playing each genre of music accordingly. Our guests hardly sat down and I believe that is a true attestation to Sevag's level of expertise! Also, since we didn't have a reception coordinator, he acted as such and worked out the timing of the various event for the evening. Book him as soon as you know your date, he gets busy fast!
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DJ Masterpiece

The first time when I meet Sevak it was at my brother's wedding. I was really surprised and happy to see our guests enjoying the music and and not willing to leave the dance floor for a minute. He was really keeping our guests dancing by playing different songs from different nationality, different rhythms on right timing. By the time I was planing my engagement for the following year. After wedding I called him and booked him for my engagement as always he rocked the dance floor and performed the best. After 3 weeks later I called him and booked him for my wedding, that's right but one thing that he really surprised me was how well he coordinated everything. He has lots of experience, he gives you the idea of what to do and how to do it and what time. Basically he was coordinating my entire wedding and DJ-ing at the same time. Oh by the way he Dj-Ed my younger brother's wedding the next year. Sevak jan you are now our family Dj and thank you for your hard work and effort. Simply YOU ARE THE BESTTTT......
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Best DJ!!

My fiance and I hired Sevag to DJ our engagement party on 10/10/2014 at Deluxe Banquet Hall. We've seen his work before and knew that he would be able to play all the music both our families like. Sure enough, everyone loved him as much as we did and the dance floor was packed all night. We didn't even realize how fast the time went because of the amount of fun we were having on the dance floor. People are still telling us how much fun they had!

Also, in the beginning, we were all so nervous - we're both the firsts in our family, but Sevag was able to help us out by explaining the procedure of Armenian/Assyrian engagement parties with the priest blessing in the beginning.

Everything was just perfect! Thank you Sevag!!
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Best DJ

Sevag is by far the best DJ I have ever had. We have had him DJ several events (weddings, baptisms, showers) and he never disappoints. The dance floor was packed the entire night and so many people complimented the music selection. He also checks in with you throughout the night to make sure everything is on track and everyone is happy. I would never use another DJ.
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Best/Most Professional DJ!!!

My husband and I were so impressed with DJ Sevag and couldn't have been happier with our decision to have DJ Sevag be a part of our special day. He exemplifies professionalism and he just gets it. You can tell about the type of person he is even by looking at his website which is so well thought out and informative. From the first second we met him, we got a sense that we can trust him with our event. Sevag is so polite and professional, there aren't enough good things we can say about him. We had our initial meeting in person and as soon as we met him, we knew we did not need to look any further. As we got closer to our wedding, he suggested a phone chat, where he listened to our suggestions and provided many song selections based on what we wanted. We even spoke the day before our wedding to finalize our music selection and to make sure we were all on the same page. Sevag showed up with his assistant several hours before our wedding (without us asking him to) to ensure setting up in a timely manner. He was dressed in a black suit/tie, had an incredible quality music system with classy/fun/ upbeat music selections. Sevag is a very punctual, knowledgeable, classy, professional DJ and we can\\'t wait to refer him to all of our friends!!! He is incredible and we feel lucky he was there and made our wedding even more special! Thanks Sevag!!!!
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Search no further! He's your guy

If you're looking for an international DJ who is up to date with all of the new, upbeat music, then you have found your guy! Sevag is kind, helpful, EXTREMELY ORGANIZED, and he is one of the main reasons our event was absolutely amazing. The entire crowd was up the whole duration of the engagement. Not only did he accommodate our every request, but by using his expertise in the field, gave us suggestions which made our experience flawless. Thank you, Sevag! So glad you made our evening brilliant with your genuine talent.
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Best DJ!!!

DJ Sevag is absolutely amazing!!! We couldn't be happier with the decision we made. He is so professional and the most friendliest guy ever! He helped us out so much and made sure everything was on track and going smooth all night long. He definitely had everyone partying like they have never partied before. We definitely recommend DJ Sevag you will not be disappointed. Thank you for everything you did to make sure that we have nothing to worry about and just have a great time. Can't wait to work with you again!

Raffi & Tina
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Best of the Best

DJ Sevag is a true professional whose passion and care on our special day meant everything. He is organized, knowledgeable, truly listens, and has true talent in reading the crowd. Thank you, Sevag! You're the best of the best!
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