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DJ Switch is your one stop for an evening to remember! Whether it be a small fundraiser, or a once in a lifetime wedding, we will make it memorable to the highest of your expectations. Smbat and Manvel are both graduate musicians, Smbat in Violin and Manvel in Piano, therefore the music is in our hearts. If you’re looking for a professional DJ, then look no further.

DJ Switch should’ve been Switch Entertainment because we don’t only play music but we also provide live percussion shows played by DJ Switch, have full state of the art lasers & lighting which is professionally programmed at each event, be the master of ceremony (MC) throughout the evening, and one thing that no other DJ does, play a romantic slow song on the violin with a wireless mic right next to the beautiful couple as well as many other international pieces.


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Hands Down Best DJ!

I can honestly say that one of the biggest highlights of our wedding night was the music and the overall energy of the party. Dj Switch kept his professionalism from day one until now. They were the first ones at the wedding and the last ones to leave. They Dj'd until everyone was done partying. Never did we feel they were rushing to leave. He put aside his break time to continue to energy of the party. He even played the violin and it was absolutely amazing. His style of music, the various blends he does, the latest music trends and keeping it exactly how we wanted it, we can't thank him enough. I HIGHLY recommend him to those who are having an event, you will be satisfied beyond measure!!!
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Amazing Dj / Entertainer!

Dj Switch is by far the best Dj, especially for weddings! He not only mixed and blended the music from my husband and mine's culture beautifully! Our wedding guests were a mix from a few different cultures and Dj Switch made sure to play and blend our cultural music with American music perfectly! No one was sitting down! We danced all night! On a side note, we met with and hired Dj Switch, but what he provided was far more than we expected! He was on the floor with a microphone acting as our MC while his partner was there handling the music while he was doing our introductions! Dj Switch was seriously an all in one entertainer and made the perfect touch to our wedding day! There are not enough thank you's I can say to express how happy my husband and I are that he was our DJ!
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Made My Wedding An Amazing Celebration with Classy

DJ Switch really understood and carefully executed a well thought out musical plan for my wedding. He opened up during the reception with mellow cocktail hour music. We discussed various artists and genres and his expertise and recommendations really worked out well in getting our guests ready for the main reception. Violin Solos - This was the best part of DJ Switch's services. We selected to have him play a few selected romantic violin solos for our guests. He is an accomplished musician with decades of training, and performance under his belt. It was a real treat, and many of our guests really complimented and loved the special performance. As everyone settled in and had their dinner and drinks during our reception, we had discussed favorite songs and various artists to play that my bride and I wanted. DJ Switch delivered above and beyond our expectations. He made some really amazing mixes and had practically all of our guests on the dance floor partying the entire evening. I would highly recommend DJ Switch because he listens to his clients' requests and takes down all the details. It's all about the details in my opinion, specially when it comes to special occasions. He also has a very wide range of tastes and can accommodate whatever musical agenda you want to set for your evening. I almost forgot to mention his light show setup. This was definitely the biggest enhancement for our wedding. Lights matter a whole lot and he was able to marry (pun intended) the light setup with his music and mixes in a very crafty and upbeat way. I would say that a DJ has a lot to do with your evening and we fully trust DJ Switch and his suggestions and he combined our input an requests with that to create a very memorable and amazing wedding party for us.
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#1 DJ. Wouldn't have changed him for a live singer

A professional DJ and very trustworthy. Hired him for 2 weddings and will use him again. DJ Switch brought everyone to the dance floor! Best DJ out there! Thank you for making our wedding complete with with excellent music and lights! :) Highly recommend!!!! Thanks again!!!!
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Best DJ

DJ Switch DJed at my engagment he did a great job. He did smooth thransitioning between songs so it didn't sound awkward. The music was up to date and he is very passionate about music you can tell through his work. He also plays the violin amazingly! What caught my attention was his modern set up which is important to me when looking for DJs.
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