Alcazar Restaurant

14443 1/2 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(818) 789-0991//Email//Map//
Alcazar Restaurant has a full banquet hall which accommodates up to 150 people. They also provide catering of their fine Middle Eastern cuisine. Alcazar was featured in the Los Angeles Times as “Top 10 for hummus lovers".


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Dont Waste Your Time!

We through a party here for a very special reason and a very special person. We were dissapointed with the portions, the cost and the service. Small plates that cost far more than other restaurants, and they weren't too tasty either. The place is old and has no charm. The entertainment was outdated, and even the old school stuff we all enjoy was terrible. The service was bad and disrespectful. Whatever you do, don't do an event here. Don't even come here for a quick bite. You can get better food elsewhere, and you sure can get better service elsewhere. A place that is acting so cheaply to his/her guests should get no business in return. We pay for the experience and food and we deserve it.
Posted By: | Apr 13th, 2011 | View all my reviews
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Sardine's place

We had an anniversary party for my sister-in-law about 2 months ago. Oh man when we walked in, it was like WOOOW. The place was a dump, the music was so loud, and the DJ only played ARABIC music all night. I am sorry but if Vatche knows that he is having an ARMENIAN anniversary party he should be more considerate about having more Armenian music rather than ARABIC and other international music. So my suggestion is don't waste your money.
Posted By: | Dec 3rd, 2007 | View all my reviews
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