Renaissance Banquet

1236 S Central Ave
Glendale, CA 91204
(818) 500-1002//Map//

Renaissance Banquet Hall has been a fixture in Glendale since 2004, where it has been privileged to host an abundance of luxurious events, romantic weddings, and elegant gatherings. As you step past the fountain, over the red carpet, and through the Grand Entrance, you will be astonished by the classical Renaissance architecture and artwork.

Adorned with Swarovski crystal chandeliers, premiere stonework, and detailed craftsmanship, Renaissance is a beacon of cultured elegance for potential event planners. Another element that set us apart from the other banquet halls in Los Angeles is our two distinct ballrooms. The Grand & Crystal Ballrooms each have their own dance floors, custom lighting, and dining tables, but display unique charms, as well.

The Grand Ballroom is our larger venue, accommodating up to 500 guests, and the Crystal Ballroom for intimate parties with guest lists up to 150 people.

Renaissance Banquet is managed by the same owners as Metropol Banquet Hall, also located in Glendale, CA.

Grand Ballroom • 500 Guest Capacity


• Up to 700 guests for meetings • Beautiful Roman fountain exterior
• Up to 500 guests for dinner • Red carpet entrance to lavish foyer
• Dance floor 1000 sq ft • Renaissance-inspired artwork & decor
• Custom lighting - choose your color • Multi-table arrangements
• Catering with appetizers and entrees • Entertainment stage & smoke effects


Crystal Ballroom • 200 Guest Capacity


• Up to 200 guests for meetings • Delicious catering
• Up to 150 guests for dinner • Seafood bar & bartending available
• Dance floor 650 sq ft • Bride & Groom red carpet entrance
• Wedding dance show  


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Loved my Hall!

I am so happy that we decided to do our reception at Renaissance. It is classy, gorgeous and timeless. I have been to numerous weddings and always am shocked with the tacky decor of other halls filled with statues, ugly chairs and horrible food. Renaissance not only has a great waiting service, tasty food, beautiful ambiance and the floor manager Andranik is the best!!!! He made everything I wanted come true! Also, for the quality the pricing is very reasonable. The owner Garo and his partner were both very kind and approachable!
Posted By: | Mar 4th, 2012 | View all my reviews
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The Best Graduation Party ever

I want to Thank you guys for making our graduation an unforgettable night! Also make me proud as an Armenian who suggested your hall for our party. I was one of our 4 Armenians in class and the rest were non-Armenian people who were amazed by our food, your Hall's luxury & the service. Thanks to Mr. Andranik (manager) & nice staff ... Everybody told me that they for sure want to repeat a party there and one of my friends already decided to celebrate his reunion with his wife over there... Thanks again & keep up the good work & great quality. You make every penny that we paid worth. I'm so proud to introduce you to my non-Armenian friends :)
Posted By: | Dec 22nd, 2011 | View all my reviews
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Thank you sooooo much for making our wedding amazing!!! Thank you SOOOO much to Arsen who was an amazing person to work with!! He made our wedding super easy for us...very leanient and trust worthy. Another special thanks to the manager Adranik! He was so sweet and kind and was always there to make us comfortable and met all our needs...he was a total sweetheart!!! THE FOOD!!!! Being the bride...I was barely able to eat...but what I had....HOLY CRAPPP IT WAS AMAZING!!!! I wonder if they do catering!!! Fricken amazing!! My wedding was wonderful and tasteful!!! I plan on having future events HERE!!!
Posted By: | Jul 9th, 2011 | View all my reviews
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Great Service

Beautiful Place. Great Service. Not only all our Armenian guests, but the International and the New York guests ALL loved the food and the ambiance of the place! We had a great time at our wedding. Their attentiveness to our guests was very well appreciated. The owner was very respectful.
Posted By: | Mar 5th, 2011 | View all my reviews
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You can't go wrong with this place.

Elegant Banquet Hall. Exceptionally good food. Good service. I had my wedding here in September of 2010. When we came to book this banquet hall we didn't even see the menu, that is how much we trusted this place. Everything was even better than we expected! You can't go wrong with this place.
Posted By: | Feb 2nd, 2011 | View all my reviews
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Not soo good

I booked the big hall for my wedding and I can honestly say that all the money spent was not worth it. The hall did look beautiful and elegant and the variety of food was great but one of the owners gave us such a hard time my husband was going to cancel the wedding. My husband was so frustrated that we just wanted to leave our deposit and pick another hall.

All I can say is the customer service is not so good but there was a older man on the day of the wedding that wanted to make sure things were going well and even felt so bad for all the torture we had been put thru that he gave a bonus features free of cost. The hall looked wonderful but if you are the type of person that wants things to go smoothly (like almost everyone) don't pick this place.
Posted By: | Jul 31st, 2009 | View all my reviews
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Exceptional Service worth every penny

First and foremost Renaissance is the most beautiful and elegant hall out there! We booked Renaissance for our wedding, and worth every penny spent. On our wedding day the manager in charge made sure everything was to our expectations. My guests were amazed of all the variety of appetizers Renaissance has to offer and on top of that they were delicious too. This is not your ordinary Armenian banquet hall, the food, appetitzers are unique and the waiters/waitresses make sure you dont reach over to fill your plate they do it all for you. WIth this service you get the red carpet treatment. Despite of Arsen's (part-owner) attitude you wont even care because everything else will makeup for it and will meet your every need!!!
5 stars for Renaissance!!
Posted By: | Apr 7th, 2009 | View all my reviews
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Beautiful and great service!

I had my engagement here in the small hall and I was very impressed by their service and quality of food. I am usually not a big fan of Armenian banquet hall food since they're generally all the same, but Renaissance does have that something extra to it - there is a lot of variety and top quality. The hall is also very beautiful, elegant and classy. The service is unbeatable, they will go out of their way to get whatever you need and make your night go smoothly.
Posted By: | Feb 4th, 2009 | View all my reviews
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They Suck

I went to reserve Renaissance for my wedding and I was very disappointed. He didn't have the courtesy to get out of his seat and handshake us. I asked him for a pricing and a catering list, all he said was "vopshm" it will change by 2010 don't worry about it... Pretty much I was planning on paying the deposit that day but I walked out thinking nooo way am I going to do my event here. Anyways the place is stuffy and not as wonderful as people think it is. Oh and the funny thing is that he started questioning me the prices of other reception halls we had checked out.
Posted By: | Oct 29th, 2008 | View all my reviews
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Elegant but pricey!

I love this hall. Great food, good service. If you have the extra money this is the place :)
Posted By: | Aug 14th, 2008 | View all my reviews
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Dream come true

the most elegant banquet hall in glendale. service, food, and design. i loved it.
Posted By: | Feb 26th, 2008 | View all my reviews
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Way too pricy for the place

The place is OK, not the greatest and most elegant place. I have found way better and more elegant places than this one. If you want to throw your money away then go ahead. My cousin got married there, and boy the place was too stuffy. Sorry Sevan jan, but you wasted way too much money on your wedding.
Posted By: | Dec 3rd, 2007 | View all my reviews
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Pricy, but elegant

This was the most elegant and classy hall. Although it can get a little pricey if you go all out, I think it's worth it. The food is also unique and not the same old thing they serve at every Armenian wedding. Make sure to talk to the owner about any concerns you might have. They are great at accommodating all your requests.
Posted By: | Jun 22nd, 2007 | View all my reviews
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