Reviews written by AnnaA

Palladio Banquet Hall

One of a Kind! Not!

-I had a similar experience as the gentleman bellow how felt it was not all that. I think that he was more in tuned to the details also. It is definitely a beautiful place and I would recommend everyone to visit the place and find out for themselves. The food is good and service is terrific but not one of a kind I have had better BBQ.
-On a side note we all know that it's the law and they have to stop at 2am. But trust me that is not what they told to me as well, if you are going to spend tens of thousands you want to party all night.
-In response to Clara who took so much offense in the below comment opinion. First, why are you so upset? That was his experience and his opinion. You act like it was a personal attack! I don't think he is out to make the place look bad. Unless if you happened to know the owner personally? Hum...
Oct 24th, 2009