Reviews written by Ara1212

DJ Arin

Amazing DJ

Not only is he very kind hearted and makes friends with you easily, but also he is so passionate about what he does. He loves to DJ and you can see that in his smile while he's DJ-ing. The first encounter I had with him, was when I was introduced to him by a mutual friend and I asked him if he would DJ for my office's grand opening. He arrived on time with a smile on, which helped us smile as well through all the stress. He was ready to help in any way. He made sure all 600 people were enjoying the music and some were even dancing the entire time. At the end of the day everyone was still ready to party hardy. Because I enjoyed his music and personality, I decided to spend New Year's Eve at the banquet hall that he was Dj-ing at. Mannnnnnn we had a blast. He already knows that anytime I host a party or any kind of events he is going to HAVE TO DJ, even if he is booked for that day. Arin dear, keep that smile going and may God continue to bless you and those whom you join to make their parties even more fun.
Jan 14th, 2015