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Styleimaging is on another level

There's Styleimaging . And then everyone else. Before we booked their services for our wedding, we had looked at maybe a half dozen photographers . Some good some generic. Seemed like every photographer we looked at was doing the same thing. Very wide angle shots with dark blue brown filters. So then my better half saw an Instagram posting from @styleimaging and it was a very meaningful emotion b and w picture of a bride holding her mother. No effect no filters. Just pure powerful imagery. That set an ever lasting impression. We had never heard of STYLEIMAGING before but we called and set up and appointment. And the rest is history. We fell in love with the pictures they delivered. They documented and told the story from beginning to end with the images they captured. I'm so happy we went with them. Couldn't of have it any other way. Btw. We had the images of discs all high resolution pictures a week after the wedding. Amazing turn around time. Go with them - you will not regret it one bit.
Mar 9th, 2015