Reviews written by M_Bride

Renaissance Banquet

Not soo good

I booked the big hall for my wedding and I can honestly say that all the money spent was not worth it. The hall did look beautiful and elegant and the variety of food was great but one of the owners gave us such a hard time my husband was going to cancel the wedding. My husband was so frustrated that we just wanted to leave our deposit and pick another hall.

All I can say is the customer service is not so good but there was a older man on the day of the wedding that wanted to make sure things were going well and even felt so bad for all the torture we had been put thru that he gave a bonus features free of cost. The hall looked wonderful but if you are the type of person that wants things to go smoothly (like almost everyone) don't pick this place.
Jul 31st, 2009

Jay Jay Productions


Without a doubt they get five stars all the way. My wedding was this month and I hired Jay Jay for my photos. It is obviously too soon for me to receive my photos but I do not question that they will be beautiful. The crew was so wonderful and made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera. They gave my family a good time and made everyone around have a good time.

They showed me a slide show of the photos they took and it was breathtaking even without any touchups. They focus on the lighting and use the natural light to make the photos something else. I am astonished and glad we booked them for our wedding. I have actually made several referrals to them within the past couples days because I loved their work, their enthusiasm and the beautiful shots that it is worth telling everyone about.
Jul 30th, 2009

Royal Gor Photo & Video Studio

Truly Breathtaking

My wedding was actually this month and it's clear that I would not yet have my wedding video; however, the experience from that day truly left me speechless. I am very shy in front of the camera and video, however they made me feel so comfortable that I became so involved with the video.

I have reviewed other work they have done in the past and I was amazed. Their work is something different and unique and you get your monies worth. The crew is wonderful and fun and they truly give you a good time. Apparently Khoren was even dancing at my wedding with my family and friends and they allllll lovedddddd him.....Can't wait to hire them again.

Do not think twice - hire them as soon as you can. My cousin is actually going to book them for her wedding.
Jul 30th, 2009