Reviews written by SusanPB

Atina and Mher were totally different from the very first interaction and all the way through the post-wedding support. First, I fell in love with Mher's work. He has a more human, more intimate, more real style. I felt like we would be getting us, the real us, in the pictures, and not some overly dramatized or idealized version of us. Secondly, they embraced our concept of modern Armenian, inspired by one of our fav artists, Parajanov and his film, The Color of Pomegranates. To bring this concept to life, I met and explained and re-explain the vision of what we wanted to one wedding photographer before I approached Mher. Mher and Atina got it immediately and actually embraced the idea with us, working together to bring it to life with their own artistic lens. Our photos range from breathtaking, to completely human, to totally funny, to emotionally tugging on your heartstrings. Mher reflected the story of our day back to us in these photos; the result is that we re-experience the sequence, the emotion, and the elation of the day, every time we look at our pics. On the more practical side: The customer service is superior and far exceeded my expectations. They were ahead of me every single step; getting the paperwork prepared, the digital proof sent over, and working with us on our album timing (we're a busy couple). Atina is an absolute sweetheart and a behind the scenes magician and Mher is the ultimate artist. Together, they are a unique duo that we trusted from the start and whose company we absolutely loved for the entire wedding day. We will continue to work with them and have them chronicle our love and life as time goes on.
Feb 22nd, 2017