Reviews written by aline

Palladio Banquet Hall

Hands Down To The Best!!!!

After reading all the comments I have to say I disagree with Lia's comment below because it's simply unbelievable that they lie. Maybe simply the truth was that it was over her budget . When we buy a car and add extras it ends up costing more does that make the dealer deceiving ? And I can say first hand we spend our money and it was way more worth and more than we could have asked for we got everything explained with no hidden costs and every venue does have security which is mandatory and for your own safety if they don't then i would be very worried having an event there.
Hands down the best of the best. My brother got married at Palladio. And I have booked my child's baptism. All this years we have had events and been guest to most of all the venues, but once you have been at Palladio you will see a world of a difference. First we wanted to do a Hotel wedding and we checked out all the venues that will fit our massive guest list of 470. This was the only place that provided us with exceptional customer service .They are very organized and help full with everything. The venue speaks for itself feels very grand the chandeliers and the lights are just stunning.
The hotels can't event come close to providing all the services the amount and way of catering we got here without the $300 price tag. My brothers wedding turned out to be one of the best and most beautiful i have seen.
Thank you all at Palladio for making it possible.
Aug 27th, 2010

Winnie Couture Bridal Salon

stunning dresses

Beautiful store , beautiful dresses , we got my sister in laws wedding dress from Winnie and it was just stunning. Since her wedding was a whole grand, luxury event, we thought she just needs to have just as beautiful of a dress. The best selection ever.
Aug 27th, 2010

Z's Garden


Z's Garden has the most beautiful flowers. David is amazing to work with, very creative and unique. He is very professional and simply the best.
Aug 27th, 2010