Reviews written by clara

Palladio Banquet Hall

One of a Kind!

I had my wedding at Palladio. I don't have enough space to write how spectacular this place is.
Unique in every way. You have it all at Palladio. This is the place for every special event.
Thanks to Palladio & stuff for making our wedding unforgettable.

After reading the review below from July 21st. I had to write a comment!! It makes me upset that one guy writes something and trys to give the only venue that is incomparable in any shape or form a bad name and wrong info to others. I had the exact same services at my wedding and it surprises me that he writes the bar service is a ripp off.

1: Bar service doesn't mean open bar! You actually have to pay extra for open bar!
2: Every place is closed at 2am that serves alcohol & has ent. It is the law.
3: The names on the screens are actually very neat and save you a lots of time & look good and it's separate bride & groom unless preferred otherwise. You also have the option to do it the traditional way. And we had no problems.
4: The stuff & managers are the most organized I have seen at a venue. They are with you from the first moment & provide great service.
5: I am wondering if this guy was listening at all? Before you book the place you get every detail explained (menu, package, price..) also until few days before your wedding when you finalize every detail and preference with the managers & stuff.

To end my review: I highly recommend Palladio to everybody.
Aug 28th, 2009