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Hosharian Brothers Band

Hosharian Brothers word, Amazing!!!!!

The Hosharian Brothers Band and my family go way back!!! Let me start of by saying that they took after their father, Ed Hosharian who was a famous composer and conductor. They have truly learned from the best! They have plaid at every Russa Hye wedding that I have gone to ever since I was little girl, all of our festivals, and every back yard party that I know and more. My Mamik (grandmother) would dance her solo Nazbar at all the Armenian weddings, and she would only request to have the Hosharian Brothers play. As time went on I took over her tradition, and feel the same way. There is no other band that can nail the song like they do. Their music is amazing, they are the only band that I would EVER have at any function that I will be having in the future. They made my husbands and my wedding a dream come true. There was not one person that was sitting down bored. Every single person was dancing and having a good time. The Hosharian brothers are known for getting a crowed started the second they start to play. There is NEVER a dull moment with them. They don't only play Armenian music, but they play a variety of music from Jazz, Classical, American, Russian, Arabic, Jewish and more. As an Armenian tradition they also came to my house and walked me out playing beautiful traditional Armenian songs, which was one of the most amazing and meaningful feelings. With their roots in Armenian music, they have been referred to as an Armenian phenomenon. They are very talented musicians who hit home and are the meaning of the Armenian musical tradition. There needs to be a higher rating scale because a 5 is nothing close to what they are! Thank you Hosharian Brothers for making our wedding dream come true! XOXO!!
Dec 5th, 2012