Reviews written by john82

StavroVideo Productions

Bravo Stavro!

Stavro is fantastic at what he does, which includes taking time to talk and conceptualize about the type of video you want specifically, making his time and services available beyond just the wedding day, capturing poignant and important moments such as speeches and dances, as well as intimate and funny moments that you, as the bride or groom, would have entirely missed otherwise. He is an accomplished video technician as well as an artist. His videos are beautifully edited, he creates a smooth story from beginning to end, and artistically he combines striking images, timing, music, and effects to create a truly touching story. No matter how any times We watch it, our video makes us laugh, cry, and remember exactly how we felt at that exact moment, that day.
Initially, my husband and I were not too keen on the idea of a videographer, my mother insisted, and we are now both so glad she did. I really can't imagine NOT having this video.
Working with Stavro, and now having this great video, for posterity's sake, is one of the best decisions we made in respects to our wedding.
Obviously, I highly recommend StavroVideo Productions. He is absolutely the right choice. Bravo Stavro! Thanks Again.
Oct 20th, 2009