Reviews written by sasoonarutyunyan

Palladio Banquet Hall

Beautiful Hall

The wedding I had was great we had a great time and our guests were very pleased. However, some of the services fell short of my expectations.

-Beautiful place
-Food is excellent
-Well designed hall
-Can smoke and the air will remain fresh; good vents

-What they don't tell you is that there is a city ordinance that they have to turn off the music at 2am. Be careful and clear this up if you want to party all night. This cut my wedding short! We were told that the police are telling the restaurant to turn the music off.
- The TV screens with the names on the walls suck, NO GOOD. It changes names too fast and were not divided by the grooms and brides side. Due to that people had to wait literally 5min staring at the screen to see their names come from a list of 30 tables and when they did it changed so fast that they miss the table number so they had to stand and wait another 5 min until the name came up again to catch the table number. For Armenians that don't have patience this was bad and also confusing for the elderly that are not good with tech. This needs to be redesigned to be more user friendly.
-Too many management people to go through if you want something done!
-And the bar service is a rip-off. They call it bar service on the menu but it is NOT a bar service. It is the waiting service in the hallway when guests are arriving and waiting to be seated. That was not what they told us when we got it. We were told that it will be an open bar with a bartender. I expected a higher class of service!
Jul 21st, 2009