Can't believe our wedding has already passed! Garen and I recently got our wedding photos so I can't wait to share my wedding blog post soon. Until then, I'll start off with my favorite wedding topic - flowers! As a woman who absolutely loves flowers, my wedding flowers were a top priority. My amazing wedding florist, Giah Events Studio, and I worked for months on using the perfect flowers and other decor to create the right ambiance for both the wedding ceremony and reception.

Featured Wedding - Diana's Flowers

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Liana was only 15 years old when she first met Tadeh. But it wasn't until a few years later when the two went to a Hollywood nightclub that the couple reunited and realized they were destined to be together. Their love for each other has withstood time and just a few months ago, Tadeh made Liana's birthday wish come true by proposing! We caught up with Liana and she told us the story of how they first met, then reunited, and exactly how Tadeh proposed. 

Featured Proposal: Tadeh & Liana

Let's start off with a brief introduction of you and Tadeh.

Where should I start? Tadeh has always been a man's man. He is this tough, independent do-it-all but he's actually the most romantic man in the whole world! I'm very kind, loving and bubbly and I think that I level Tadeh out with his seriousness.

They say opposites attract! So how did you and Tadeh meet? 

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Bridal Bouquets have traditionally been carried down the aisle by many brides. They are very important and must match the style of the wedding and the bride's overall look. The bridal bouquet makes a statement as it is the bride's main accessory during the wedding. There are many styles of bouquets to complement every bride. Brides can choose to do one or a combination of these styles. Here are 8 styles of bridal bouquets to help you find the one that best suits you! 

1. Round Bouquet

A round bouquet usually consists of flowers cut at the same height and tightly bound by stems in a round shape. This bouquet is perfect for the classic, traditional bride. 

round bridal bouquet

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Here at Harsanik we just love destination proposals! It was a no brainer that we wanted to featured Abel and Melanie's proposal story when we stumbled upon it. Abel proposed in Puerto Vallarta on his birthday, bringing Melanie to her knees with the shock of a lifetime. We caught up with Melanie and Abel to learn about their relationship and get the details on their proposal. We're thrilled to share their story and we've feature a video capturing the events leading up to the romantic proposal, Melanie's emotional reaction, and the surprise ending to the memorable evening.   

Featured Proposal: Abel & Melanie

Tell us about your relationship and what made you two fall in love with each other.

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We are so excited to announce our first story of 2019 - a beautiful fall vineyard proposal. Khajik and Nooshig met online, and even though they lived in different states, their connection was so strong that they developed a serious long distance relationship. Now they are engaged and planning a wedding in either San Francisco or Fresno! We asked both Khajik and Nooshig to share their version of the story of how they met, the proposal, and how wedding planning is going so far.  

Featured Proposal: Khajik & Nooshig

So tell us, how did you two meet? You guys live states apart!

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With a blink of an eye, 2018 is over and 2019 has begun. We cannot believe how quickly time flies! 2018 was such an unforgettable year, and we are fortunate to have shared so many amazing love stories, proposals, and weddings on our blog. Special thanks to all the couples who took the time to share their stories with us. We're thrilled to now reveal our top 9 most popular stories of 2018!

#9: Eduard and Renita's Proposal Story

We love romantic and surprise proposals, so we were thrilled to get the details of Eduard and Renita's proposal story. Eduard knew Renita was suspicious of the proposal happening so he kept throwing her off until she was sure it wasn't going to happen. Eduard surprised Renita with a gorgeous set up in their hotel room with flowers, candles, and balloons. Our favorite part was when Renita peaked outside the balcony to find their close friends and family standing outside waiting to celebrate with them!  

Featured Proposal: Ed and Renita

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Vahag and Elizabeth met in 4th grade and became close friends. They had a short relationship in middle school, but in 11th grade, they confessed they had feelings for each other again. Fast forward to the summer of 2018, Vahag surprised Elizabeth with a romantic proposal in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! We sat down with Vahag and Elizabeth to get details on how their friendship blossomed into a relationship, the destination proposal, and their surprise engagement party that took place only 2 weeks after the proposal. We're excited to share their story with you!

Before you tell us the proposal story, tell us how you two met!

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Hey Harsanik readers, it's Manifa again and I'm back with another wedding update. You can catch up on my wedding planning adventures on my blog series: Manifa's Story. I have been waiting and waiting to book this vendor for almost a year and a half and I am FINALLY able to confirm that Emin and I have booked a cake vendor! I'm pretty sure everyone dreams of going cake tasting. I mean it's FREE CAKE that you get to try multiple flavors of until you find the perfect flavor! It was this sweet lovers dream!

Before we even started the fun part of finding our cake I did what I always do; went to the Harsanik directory and searched for Cake & Dessert vendors. I looked at the most reviewed vendors and started making my contact list. I will say that I was a little shocked that many of the vendors wouldn't book for my wedding date a year and a half in advanced, therefore my list sat in my binder for about a year before I could actually go cake tasting! Finally, the day arrived where I could grab Emin and go taste some cakes. 

Manifa's Story - Picking Our Cake Vendor

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If Sako and Lilit look familiar to you, it's because we've been following their love story on our blog since last year! First, we shared Sako and Lilit's heartwarming proposal at their dance studio. We later featured the couple's stunning engagement party and engagement photo shoot. So we're thrilled to now share Sako and Lilit's beautiful wedding that took place on September 21, 2018. Sako and Lilit have a special type of love that one can clearly see in pictures and videos. We spoke with Lilit to get the details about their wedding day, the memorable first look, and their wedding planning adventures.

Featured Wedding: Sarkis & Lilit

Tell us about your wedding planning experience.

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Every couple looks for ways to personalize their wedding day. As more and more creative ideas are popping up for wedding design, one of our favorite new trends is dance floor decals. Dance floor designs can take any wedding and add a custom touch that fits not only the design and color scheme of a wedding, but the bride and groom themselves. We've featured our top 5 dance floor decal designs to help inspire you to come up with a creative idea for your special event. 

1. Couple's Names:

New Trend: Dance Floor Design

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