How To Beat Wedding Day Stress: The Flip-Flop Mentality

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We're excited to introduce a new blog series from Vrej Sarkissian, CEO of L.A. Banquets & Anoush Catering. We are partnering with Vrej to get fresh content to help bride-to-be's with their wedding planning. This week's blog is focused on giving you tips on how you can beat the wedding day stress!

How To Beat Wedding Day Stress: The Flip-Flop Mentality

It's the morning of your wedding. Even before you open your eyes, only one thought buzzes through your brain: Today is The Day —The Day you’ve waited for your whole life. Your excitement and anticipation made sleep nearly impossible as you lie there thinking over all the details:

•    Orchids and lilies delivered — check!
•    Handmade favors in the reception hall — check!
•    The construction of your five-tier dark chocolate mousse cake — check!

Then you realize that something, everything could go awry. Did the band get the playlist? Did the photographer get the right address? Has the champagne been chilled? You bolt out of bed, about to call every vendor to triple-check orders and...

Before you let stress consume you on The Day, remind yourself that you’re already prepared.

Preparation Beats Perspiration

Remember finals week in school? Think of your frazzled friend, cramming at the last minute. She was so stressed out, she couldn’t concentrate on even eating. Then think of your other friend who stumbled into the classroom in flip-flops, coffee cup in hand, looking like she just came from the beach. Both had studied and were equally prepared, but who usually scored better? The friend in flip-flops, of course. She knew she had prepared, so why stress about it? Her calm confidence helped her more than any last-minute cramming would.

On your wedding day, emulate your second friend. No, don't wear flip-flops down the aisle (unless tropical beach is your wedding theme). Just remind yourself that you’ve done all that you can and anything that doesn’t go according to plan is beyond your control. Florist deliver flowers in the wrong shade of pink? Only you will notice. Instead focus on the life-changing event that matters: marrying the person you love.

Instead of sweating the details you're savoring every moment. And while you're getting your hair and make-up done, try on a pair of flip-flops – they'll remind you that everything will turn out better than even you expected!

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