Choosing your Bridal Jewelry: How to Make a Statement

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The wedding gown is one of the most important purchases for the bride. However, the dress is incomplete without the appropriate accessories. The perfect dress needs the perfect jewelry. Choosing accessories can often seem like a challenge. You want to find jewelry that makes a statement, but you don't want them to overpower your hairdo and elegant dress. Your accessories should enhance your overall look, not distract from it.

Bridal Accessories

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First, make sure your metals match your dress. Most brides choose a traditional white gown, but each shade of white pairs differently with the various metals. The following is a quick guideline.

Clean white works best with pearl, silver and platinum options. 

Diamond-white works with gold, silver, rose gold and pearl.

Ivory works best with gold.

Second, make sure your accessories complement the neckline of your dress. Pairing your neckline style with the right jewels can accentuate your wedding gown so pay careful attention to this detail. A good rule of thumb is if the neckline is higher, skip the necklace and go for earrings; if the neckline is lower, match with the appropriate necklace and simple earrings. The following are the names of all the necklines and a few examples of what jewelry to pair with different necklines.

Bridal accessories: Necklines

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Strapless necklines are perfect for necklaces. Choose a necklace that hits at your collarbone to show off your shoulders. You can wear a statement, chunky necklace with simple earrings. If you choose not to wear a necklace, wear chandeliers or statement earrings.

Wedding Accessories: Statement necklace

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V necklines are the focal point of your dress and draw attention your face and neck. A pendant necklace or long earrings work best with this neckline. If you choose a pendant necklace keep your earrings simple.


wedding accessories: pendant necklace

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Halter or Reverse Halter

For this neckline, skip the necklace and choose stud earrings and a chunky bracelet.

Wedding accessories: stud earrings

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For this romantic neckline, wear a collar necklace and button earrings. 

wedding accessories: Collar necklace

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One-shoulder gowns are a major trend this year and are best paired with earrings and a cuff. Wear your cuff on the hand without any rings or other accessories for a more balanced look.

Wedding Accessories: Earrings

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Bateau or Boatneck 

Choose a necklace that falls over the neckline of the dress and pair with simple earrings. A good option is a bib necklace. For a more elegant look, keep it simple with earrings only. 

wedding accessories: Necklace

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Whether you’re going for a simple or more dramatic look, don’t forget to accessorize well. Too much bling can draw attention away from your overall look, but the right pieces will accentuate your style and complete your gown. Follow the guidelines, then accessorize based on your personalize style and the latest trends.  


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