5 Tips For Pinterest-Worthy Engagement Photos

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You know those engagement pictures that catch your eye when scrolling through Pinterest? The ones that look just perfect and make you sigh? Wonder what makes them so special? We spoke with Mher Vahakn Special Event Photography and he shared with us one of his favorite engagement photo shoots and the top 5 tips to make your engagement photos stand out.

1. Location

Choose a location that means something to the both of you. Think of your engagement pictures as time capsules. They are snapshots of your lives as they intersect to become one. So pick a place that is filled with fun and sentimental memories of the two of you spending time there. You’ll relive all those moments every time you look at your engagement pictures. For Armig and Zare, their favorite spot was the beach. It’s where they spent most of their time together when they started dating. Zare wanted pictures at sunset and Armig chose Newport Beach because of her fond childhood memories there. If you're looking for engagement photo shoot location ideas, visit our blog where we've featured our top 10 photo shoot locations across Los Angeles.

Pinterest Worthy Engagement Photos

2. Wardrobe

When it comes to what to wear on your engagement shoot, your best bet is to stick with solid and complimentary colors. Keep outfits in even tones or hues. For example, if you’re wearing a pastel pink dress, he can wear a white button down with a lavender tie and black pants. You can also go with matching outfits, but try to break it up with a pop of color. In Armig and Zare’s case, their color scheme is mostly blue and white. But Armig’s red-striped blouse adds a touch of color and breaks up the monotony of blue and white. Besides color coordinating your wardrobe, wear clothes that are comfortable. When you’re not worried about your skirt getting dirty and you’re present with your fiancé, your beautiful relationship is revealed for the camera to capture.

Pinterest Worthy Engagement Photos

3. Get Goofy

Don’t be afraid to be silly with each other during your engagement sessions. Getting goofy is a great way to make each other laugh and release that initial stiffness or awkwardness you might feel at the beginning of your session. Granted, it’s easier said than done when you have a big black lens staring at you. But if you focus on having a good time, you’ll soon forget it’s even there. That’s when you’ll get those genuine pictures that will be the envy of every Pinterest board.

Pinterest Worthy Engagement Photos

4. Get Creative

Stylized engagement shoots can make for some beautiful images. But you don’t need to follow trends to have exquisite engagement photos. Make it your own. Create the setting or the look that is unique to the two of you. Incorporate inspired details or props that will help you achieve your perfect engagement portraits, but remember to stay true to who you are a couple. Keeping it real makes for undeniably heartwarming images. Sometimes less is better. When it’s just the both of you, the image can highlight the warmth between you.

Pinterest Worthy Engagement Photos

5. The Right Wedding Photographer 

When shopping for a wedding photographer, choose someone whose work you like and you can get along with. Engagement sessions are a great way for your photographer to get to know who you are as a couple and what you prefer. They’ll also learn how to make you feel comfortable around the camera. The right wedding photographer will help you turn your vision into a reality during your engagement shoot and on your wedding day.

Pinterest Worthy Engagement Photos

During your engagement shoot remember to relax, have fun and be yourselves. Follow these 5 pointers from Mher Vahakn Special Event Photography, and you'll have amazing engagement portraits worthy of every bride-to-be's Pinterest board!

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