How To Secure A Drop Veil

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If you love a simple look with a slight vintage touch, similar to that of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, then the drop veil is the perfect match for you. Drop veil, also known as halo veil, is an elegant style of veil that simply falls over the face. There are no gathers or obvious clips, pins, or combs in a drop veil which add to its' simplicity.

Drop Veil

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The main question regarding drop veils is how to secure the veil so that it stays fastened throughout the ceremony. To help you get the look, we've featured 3 different ways to secure a drop veil. 

1. Headband

If you're wearing a headband, you can secure your drop veil through your headpiece. For example, you can wear your drop veil at the crown of your head with a hair vine to achieve a bohemian look. You can also wear a Tiara to fasten the headpiece. Headpieces can be worn over or under a drop veil. A drop veil should magically fall over your face. The point is to keep it simple and utilize illusion pieces to keep the floating look.

Drop Veil

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Drop Veil

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Drop Veil

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2. Hat pins:

Hat pins are a great way to secure a drop veil specially if you want a clean look. Hat pins can be weaved in and out similar to sewing to your hair. The benefit of hat pins is that you can secure the pin with its' head. If you're unable to find hat pins, you can also use regular pins or adorned pins. Just be careful with ripping holes in the veil. Pins are a great option if you're styling your hair into an updo.

Hat Pin

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Hair Pins

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3. Padded Combs

Padded combs are another option for securing your bridal veil. Padded combs are sold ready or you can make it by wrapping ribbon matching your hair to a comb.

Padded Comb

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