Your Post Wedding To Do List

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You are now Mr. and Mrs!

Your wedding day is now a moment in history—an event you'll fondly remember and re-tell for the rest of your life. Isn't in nice to breathe a little easier now that all the planning and preparations are over?

After you've taken a moment to bask in the glory and unforgettable moments of the Big Day, there are still a couple of things you have to do as you walk down the path of happily ever after. We've featured a few of those post-wedding to-do list items below! 

Select Songs for Your Video

Depending on your videography package, you'll receive a short-and-sweet highlight 'reel of your wedding, plus all the footage. Start thinking about 8–10 songs that represent you as a couple and the Big Day. This way, you'll be ready send them over to your videography team as soon as you are asked.

Freeze the Top Layer of Your Wedding Cake

This task is an easy to-do for the day after your wedding. If you're having your reception at a banquet hall, the catering team can likely plastic wrap the top layer for you; just be sure to confirm with them ahead of time. A year later, you can enjoy a treat from your special day to celebrate your first anniversary.

Post-Wedding To-Do

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Preserve Your Gown, Bouquet and Other Wedding Day Keepsakes

Gather the things that you'd like to keep after your wedding. Of course, your dress is the main item to dry clean, mend and pack away. Many brides also choose to keep their bouquet, the groom's boutonnière, and other perishable items. There are many options to preserve these precious, symbolic items from your Big Day!

post-Wedding To-Do

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Create Your Thank You Cards

Start thinking about how you want to say "Thank You" to your guests. Click here for some tips and tricks to get the process started.

Cordially Thank You Cards

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Start Your Name-Change Process

If you're looking into taking on a new last name, fair warning, it's quite the step-by-step process. And it all starts with the Social Security Office after you receive your official marriage license. Check out name-change services like to make the process easier.

Compile Favorite Pictures and Videos from Friends and Family

With so many guests snapping photos on your wedding day, why not make a Dropbox or PhotoBucket account so you can keep your all pictures and videos in one spot? These photos will help tide you over until your professional shots are ready. And once you get word from your photographer that his/her photos are available, make sure you set some time aside every week to select your favorite images. By doing so, it'll help you build your album in no time!

Post-Wedding To-Do

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Are there any post-wedding to-dos that you'd recommend to other newlyweds? Share by commenting below!

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