Top 5 Dishes by Anoush Catering

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When it comes to choosing your entrees and appetizers for your wedding, decisions can be tough! So many dishes sound delicious but since everyone has different taste in food, it's tough to choose a variety of dishes that will please all your guests. We spoke with the Anoush Catering team to find out what are the top 5 dishes they recommend to make the selection process just a bit easier!

Dish 1: Salmon with Grilled Vegetables

4 Oz Baked Salmon with Teriyaki Soy Glaze with Roasted Pine Nuts & Sauteed Vegetables (asparagus and bell peppers)

Salmon Grilled Vegetables

Dish 2: Beef and Chicken BBQ

Skewered, Mesquite Grilled Boneless Beef Cubes Marinated with Salt, Pepper & Olive Oil

Beef and Chicken BBQ

Dish 3: Fig Bouche

Puff Pastry Filled with Goat Cheese & Topped with a Fresh Fig

Fig Bouche

Dish 4: Anoush Cognac

Classic 10 Year Old Noy Armenian Brandy (part of our bottle service package and our signature bar)

Anoush Cognac

Dish 5: Fried Risotto Balls

Fried Risotto balls served with a breadcrumb crust

Risotto Croquettes by Anoush Banquet Halls and Catering

Thank you Anoush Catering for sharing these delicious options! Any favorite dishes? Share with us via email or find us on social media (@Harsanikcom).

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