8 Bouquet Styles For Every Bride

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Bridal Bouquets have traditionally been carried down the aisle by many brides. They are very important and must match the style of the wedding and the bride's overall look. The bridal bouquet makes a statement as it is the bride's main accessory during the wedding. There are many styles of bouquets to complement every bride. Brides can choose to do one or a combination of these styles. Here are 8 styles of bridal bouquets to help you find the one that best suits you! 

1. Round Bouquet

A round bouquet usually consists of flowers cut at the same height and tightly bound by stems in a round shape. This bouquet is perfect for the classic, traditional bride. 

round bridal bouquet

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2. Crescent-Shape Bouquet

The crescent-shape bouquet is fuller at the center and extends out or curves downward on both sides. The classic yet romantic bride loves this look! 

Crescent Bridal Bouquet

Photo Source Kelly Lenard

3. Posy Bouquet 

The posy bouquet is a small, petite bouquet usually in round shape and wrapped in ribbon. The posy bouquet is a popular choice by many brides as it is small enough to be carried as an accessory while showing off the bride's dress. 

Posy bridal bouquet

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4. Composite Bouquet 

The composite bouquet consists of lots of petals put together to look like a big flower! The petals are usually wired together on a single stem to resemble a big bloom. This bouquet makes a statement with its unique and modern look. 

Composite bridal bouquet

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5. Biedermeier Bouquet

A biedermeier bouquet is a unique style of bouquet made up of concentric circles of sometimes the same shape and color and sometimes different colors and shapes of florals. 

biedermeier bridal bouquet

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6. Arm Sheaf Bouquet

From beauty pageants to brides, the arm sheaf bouquet consists of slender, longer stems. This bouquet is meant to rest on the bride's arm for a structured and modern look. 

arm sheaf bridal bouquet

Photo Source Ponderosa & Thyme

7. Cascading Bouquet

The cascading bouquet is all about it's flowing and tumbling shape with flowers and greenery cascading down from the center. This bouquet is perfect for the modern and dramatic bride as it always makes a statement! 

cascading bridal bouquet

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8. Hand-tied Bouquet

A hand-tied bouquet is made of flowers with different stem lengths and colors loosely tied for a just-picked look. This bouquet is perfect for achieving a relaxed or boho chic look. 

hand-tied bridal bouquet

Photo Source Petals LA

Which bridal bouquet best complements your look? Share your favorites in the comments section below.

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