Garen's Custom Suit from JB Clothiers

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It used to be that only women would choose custom for their wedding day. But we're seeing more and more men opting for a custom suit or tux on their wedding day. With this recent focus on men's fashion, we've spent some time working with JB Clothiers to learn more about the custom suit experience. Jerry Bakhchyan taught us the 3 most important elements in men's suits: Quality of Fabric, Construction Detail, and Fit. We recently had the opportunity to experience the custom suit process from start to finish. We shared Shant's experience and custom suit and now we are excited to share Garen's!

Garen's JB Custom Suit

Garen is an engineer. He doesn't wear suits often except for special occasions. He has basic knowledge about suits but prefers casual wear. This was his first custom suit fitting and here's our interview about his experience at JB Clothiers:

First Fitting

Q. Describe the suit that you designed. Why did you pick those colors, fabrics, and other details?

Garen: Jerry helped me design a dark gray suit with a classic double vent, horizontal pockets with the additional "theater tickets" pocket, and more! I paired the suit it with a textured white shirt with French cuffs.

I don't own a lot of suits since I do not have a need to wear them regularly. In fact, I can't even recall the last time I purchased one. So, it was important for me to have a suit that is classic and versatile. After some discussion with Jerry regarding the contents of my closet and the events I expect to wear my suit to, this one perfectly fit the bill!

Garen's JB Custom Suit

Garen's JB Custom Suit

Q. What occasions do you think you will wear your suit to?

Garen: I specifically designed a suit that I can wear for any occasion that requires a suit. The great thing about my suit is that it can be "dressed up" to wear to more formal occasions like weddings and professional functions, or "dressed down" to wear to business casual events.

Garen's JB Custom Suit

Q. What are a few things you learned about custom suits and/or men's fashion through your experience working with Jerry?

Garen: Details, details, details! I never knew how much attention to detail mattered in men's clothing until I had my fitting. It's really things like type of stitching, the placing of pockets and vents, etc., that sets a great suit apart from an average one.

Q. What was your favorite or most memorable part of the experience?

Garen: JB Clothiers is an experience that doesn't feel like shopping - and I loved that! When I walked in, JB greeted me, had cocktails made at the bar (yes, there is a bar!), sat me down and asked me a few questions about what I do, what my closet looks like, and where I expect to wear the suit. After that, he guided me in choosing the perfect suit for me and measured me. It was an informative experience that was easy and relaxing at the same time. The variety of fabrics, materials, and styles that he offers is astounding. This could have easily been an incredibly confusing and daunting task, but JB seamlessly guided the process to a selection that I was ultimately very happy with.

JB Clothiers Garen's First Fitting

JB Clothiers Garen's First Fitting

Q. Did you have any expectations when you first walked into this experience? How did you feel afterwards?

Garen: I was worried I would be bombarded with dozens of questions and decisions. I am glad to say that my experience was just the opposite. The nice thing about JB is that he reads each customer and gives them the level of guidance that they need and desire. If you're the type of guy that enjoys suits and enjoys the process, he can discuss every last detail with you and make you a truly one-of-a-kind suit. JB is a master at his craft and you notice that immediately. He's an energetic professional with two decades of experience, and he's truly passionate about his work, his products, and his customers.

Final Suit

Q. What was your first reaction when you put on your new custom suit at the second fitting? 

Garen: I'm not a skinny guy, so clothes are either super tight on me or super loose. Favoring comfort and practicality, I always opt for looser fitting clothes. When I first tried on my suit, my initial thought was that it was tight, but looking in the mirror showed that it was the perfect fit; I just have been too used to the loose feeling. Moving around with the suit on again felt different, but it was not constraining in any way.  

Q. Did you see and/or feel a difference between this suit and your previously owned suits? 

Garen: This suit felt snug and fit me perfectly. My previous suits were all off-the-rack suits fitting to statistically average male. Unfortunately, I do not fit well into this specification. I have broad shoulders and chest compared to my waist. So I'm forced to get a wider suit to fit my upper body and the waist area ends up being loose. Jerry's custom suit contoured my frame perfectly. It was a look that I had never seen on me before!

Q. What do you love most about your new suit? 

Garen: Besides the extraordinary fit and look, the level of detail and customization is the icing on the cake. The peak lapels, theater pocket, my initials on the shirt's sleeve and name on the jacket and pants, etc. And to top all that off, knowing there's a lifetime "warranty" on the suit and that it can be adjusted to retain the perfect fit in the years to come.

Garen's JB Custom Suit

Garen's JB Custom Suit

Garen's JB Custom Suit

Q. What advice would you give someone who is considering getting a custom suit but is still on the fence?

Garen: Once you consider the benefits, it's really a no brainer. I only wear a suit on special occasion, but I see myself ordering custom shirts in the near future. Jerry has all my measurements, so all I have to do is pick the fabric and colors and that's it. No more trying on different sizes in stores to find the shirt that fits ok. Plus, you get a fully customized suit made exactly for your body. The suit will fit perfectly, and best of all, JB offers lifetime alterations. This means the suit will always fit perfectly! And since you're part of the design process from the beginning, you get to customize every little detail of your suit and shirt and give it your personality. Guys, you already do this with your cars, garages, and toys. This is your opportunity to do the same with your suit!

What do you think of Garen's new custom JB suit? Share in the comments section below. 

Special thanks to JB Clothiers for the opportunity to experience a full custom suit fitting process! 

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