Sona Movsesian is Getting Married

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Sona Movsesian, our favorite Armenian celebrity, is getting married this Saturday! And in case you're wondering, she's planning on having a Big Fat Armenian Wedding! (Update: She HAD a Big Fat Armenian Wedding which we featured on our blog!)

For those who don't know, Sona is Conan O'Brien's assistant and has worked with Conan for about a decade. In November 2015, Sona, Conan, and the Team Coco crew traveled to Armenia to record Conan in Armenia. Conan became the first American late-night host to broadcast a show from Armenia. 

We've been a huge fan of Sona ever since we first watched the Conan in Armenia episode. Sona is hilarious, authentic, and just an amazing representation of the Armenian race! We were also lucky to meet Sona in person in March 2016 at a USC ASA Career Panel. Sona was just as funny in person as what you see on TV! 

Conan and Sona in Armenia

For those who never saw the Conan in Armenia episode, or if you're just looking for a good laugh, here are a few of our favorite clips from the show:

"Dried apricots? They have those at Whole Foods!" 

The show starts off with Conan visiting Sona's family to let them know he's taking her to Armenia for the first time. Conan asks her family what they'd like back from Armenia. The list: 1) Cognac, 2) Dried Apricots, 3) a Nice Painting, 4) an Armenian Rug, and 5) a Groom!

"I want to eat your liver!"

Sona and Conan stroll through the Armenian markets looking for dried apricots, and searching for the perfect rug for Sona's family.

Conan in Armenia Buying Armenian Rug with Sona

Photo source: Team Coco

"Who takes a picture of himself shitting in the woods?"

Conan takes Sona to an Armenian matchmaker in attempt to find Sona an Armenian husband - a wish requested by Sona's grandmother. While the matchmaker goes through her database of available men, there is unfortunately no match. Our favorite scene is Conan's reaction to the man "pepezeling" (squatting) in the woods. 

We're thrilled that Sona was able to find the man of her dreams without Conan's help and is getting married this Saturday. She recently posted a photo of her and her fiance on Instagram. We're still cracking up over her caption:


I can’t wait to marry my Lyft driver on Saturday.

A post shared by Sona Movsesian (@sonamov) on Aug 19, 2018 at 9:56pm PDT

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UPDATE: We've got all the wedding highlights now available! We've featured our favorite photos, video highlights, and even videos of Conan dancing to Armenian music!

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