Announcing Our Bride's Story Winners

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We're thrilled to to share with you the winners of our Bride's Story competition! Last month we ran a contest to select the next Bride's Story blogger to feature on Harsanik. We were looking for a bride who would be willing to share her wedding planning journey on the Harsanik blog, giving us an update every two weeks on their latest adventures - from selecting the venue, finalizing guest list, working on the budget, choosing flowers, etc. We asked Harsanik users to submit their story and we were honored with the number of brides who shared with us a little about them, their fiancé, and their upcoming wedding. We sincerely want to thank everyone who applied to be the next Bride's Story blogger. We loved reading each of your stories!

The toughest part was selecting a winner. And with so many great stories, we decided to slightly bend the rules and pick TWO WINNERS instead of just one! Congratulations to Talar Shekherdimian and Christine Brungard for being the selected as the two Bride's Story bloggers for Harsanik! We are excited to share with you a brief introduction of Talar and Christine in this blog. In the next few weeks, Talar and Christine will begin sharing their stories on our blog so be sure to check in every week to read about their wedding planning adventures!

Announcing Our Bride's Story Winners

We also want to thank Hajiani Couture, Abraham's Lincoln Limo, and Love Boat Limousine for being so generous and awarding a gift certificate to our winners. Hajiani Couture designs custom head pieces, veils and accessories for brides and we are honored to have Hajiani offer a $500 gift certificate to both Talar and Christine! We cannot wait to see the custom head piece or veil our brides select from Hajiani for their special day! In addition, each bride will receive a $500 gift certificate to use for their wedding day transportation - special thanks to Abraham's Lincoln Limo and Love Boat Limousine for offering this great deal for each bride. Lastly, the Harsanik team is awarding each bride $550 in cash as a token of appreciation for sharing their story on our blog.

Without further ado, here's a brief introduction to our two winners, and why they are excited to be the next Bride's Story bloggers. We cannot wait to start Talar's Story and Christine's Story on our blog very soon!

Talar Shekherdimian

My name is Talar Shekherdimian and my fiancé is Serj Guedikian. Serj and I met on September 17, 2013 through a mutual friend at a gathering and he asked me to go to dinner with him. We went to Cafe Santorini in Pasadena on a Tuesday night followed by Perch in Downtown. There hasn't been a day since we haven't been together and with each other.

Serj and I moved in together in February of 2014 after only four months together, and bought our first home in December 2014. Given the house purchase, we didn't immediately set a wedding date. But now we're set, May 29, 2016 is the big day!

By having my story featured on Harsanik, I'm hoping to help other bride-to-be's know that it is possible to work, have a house, other responsibilities and still plan a wedding. I wish someone had given me the step by step. What to start first, how long will it take, who to contact, where to start. Sure you can use The Knot or one of those other websites but they will never be able to tell you how to plan an Armenian wedding! I wish someone had done this for me. Harsanik has truly helped me plan out my wedding. I feel like I have all my bases covered with Harsanik. I know I'm not missing anything and people's reviews are really helpful. It really is my wedding bible!

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Bride's Story Winner - Talar Shekherdimian and Serj Guedikian

Christine Brungard

My name is Christine Brungard. My fiancé and I just celebrated our six years of bliss together. We met when we were in high school, went to prom together and have been sweethearts ever since.

We decided to set our wedding date on July 3, 2016 to celebrate as a part of the long holiday weekend and so far, wedding planning has been a blast. We are a very unique couple, I'm Armenian and German and my fiancé is Mexican so I think our wedding will be the most fabulous cultural fusion.

Becoming the next Bride’s Story blogger is exciting to me particularly because of the unique circumstances surrounding my wedding. Although Harsanik spotlights Armenian traditions often, I would love to help incorporate a first-hand look of how a fusion among cultures will work. Comparing the similarities and differences among traditions in any culture will be intriguing in our ever evolving world! I hope that by having my story featured on the Harsanik website will inspire other brides to step out of the box a little bit and explore the uniqueness that surrounds us all, while still remaining true to yourself, your culture and family values.

We are so excited to learn more about Talar and Christine and read all the details of their wedding planning adventures over the next year! Once again we want to thank all of the brides who applied to be the next Bride's Story blogger, and special thanks to our vendors for offering generous prizes: Hajiani Couture, Abraham's Lincoln Limo, and Love Boat Limousine.

The original Bride's Story blog series was started by the Co-Founder of Harsanik, Marineh (Khanoyan) Tchakerian. You can read all about her wedding planning adventures on her blog series - Marineh's Story. So we are thrilled to continue this blog series tradition with Talar and Christine!

If there are any specific topics you want to make sure Talar and Christine share in their stories, leave a comment below.




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