A Bride's Story: Let the Planning Begin!

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Hey there - it's Marineh from Harsanik.com. As you can see, I'm trying to blog more often so I can finally catch up! Smile

Once we picked our venue, Shant and I got into full wedding planning mode and started working on everything from guest list, budgets, and vendor selection.

The guest list is definitely the hardest part. We originally thought we were going to have a 300 person wedding to keep it “small” (of course only an Armenian would consider 300 people a small wedding!). However, after we started adding all the names of our family members and our friends, we were already looking at going over that mark. We agreed we were going to try to stick to 350 to accommodate our long list of families and friends.

As for budget, we listed all the categories of vendors we would need (photographer, bridal shops, invitations, etc) and estimated how much we would be willing to spend for each category. While we knew this was a rough estimate, it was helpful to have a rough idea of what our total wedding budget was going to look like. Also, it allowed us to mark which categories we would be willing to spend more on because they were very important to both of us, and which categories we would be willing to try to minimize our cost.

arrow  Tip: Shant and I created a Google Docs account and have been storing all of our wedding related documents there. Google Docs is a great tool that allows you to keep track of everything from wedding lists, budgets, list of names & addresses, menu selections, and everything else online and all in one place!

Planning Status:

Next Up: Picking my engagement party location...