A Bride's Story: Setting the Date, Already???

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Shant and I spent December 24th surrounded by family. First we visited his family for a Christmas lunch, and then went over to my parent's house for a Christmas dinner.

Everyone was asking us when and where we were planning on getting married, and I responded summer 2010. I've always liked summer weddings. And I knew I could plan a wedding in less than 1 year, thanks to all the wonderful vendors I've gotten to know over the years! As for location, I knew I wanted an Armenian hall, and my favorite one is Taglyan, specifically because of its gorgeous ceiling.

So the next day, December 25th, I started texting with Christine from Fancy That! Event Design & Coordination to start planning. Christine is also the Marketing Director for Taglyan, so I knew she would be able to help me find a date and help out with all the details that come with booking the venue. Luckily, we were able to find a Saturday that was available. Thanks to Christine's help, in less than 2 days, I had pretty much selected my hall and set a date! I scheduled a meeting at Taglyan for the next day so both Shant and I could see the hall for the first time.

Planning Status:

Next Up: Picking the hall...

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