A Bride's Story: Planning an Engagement Party

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Hi - this is Marineh, co-founder of Harsanik.com, with another update on my wedding planning process...

Before we started getting into the details of the wedding planning, my mom asked me what we wanted to do with our engagement party. I was a little surprised because I hadn't really thought much about the engagement party! While we already had the venue picked for our wedding, we had no idea where and how we wanted to celebrate our engagement party.

Both Shant and I agreed that we wanted to keep the engagement party intimate and have just our closest family & friends. The purpose of the engagement party would be to allow the two families to get to know each other and celebrate before the wedding.

Shant and I decided we wanted a day time event - so more of a lunch gathering than a nighttime event. Our goal was to have our engagement be different than the wedding. So we started looking at possible venue options. At first, we thought about having the engagement party in San Diego since it would allow our families to get to see where we lived. However, after thinking about it a bit more, we didn't think it would be fair to have all of our guests drive 2 hours to our event, so we crossed out the idea. We looked into a few halls and restaurants but hadn't quite agreed on a place.

And then Christine from Fancy That! Events suggested we look into the Hotel Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica. We checked out their website and a few pictures Christine sent me and we were both very impressed. The location was perfect. The hotel is located right on the water. The hotel itself is gorgeous and the ballroom is very picturesque. Overall, we felt that it's a classy location to set the stage for a classy event. Plus, one of the major highlights of Casa Del Mar is that their ballroom has an outdoor patio and a view of the ocean. So we felt that it was the ideal location for a daytime event because our guest could have a view of Santa Monica Beach. And it's something different since we knew most of our guests had never even been to Casa Del Mar so it would be a nice place for them to see.

I contacted the Director of Catering Sales at Casa Del Mar and she was extremely helpful with providing all the information I needed and answering all my questions. So after just a few days, Shant and I were convinced that Casa Del Mar was going to be the right choice for our engagement celebration!

Planning Status:

Next Up: Picking out my wedding dress...

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