A Bride's Story: Our Engagement Photo Shoot

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This is Marineh again, from Harsanik..com. One of the most important things that Shant and I cared most about was the pictures.  Everyone had told us that pictures are the only thing left from your wedding, and that they help you remember all the little details.  So Shant and I took some time making this important decision.  After much research, we ended up picking Jared from Bauman Photographers as our wedding photographer.  He is located in San Diego, which is where Shant and I live, so it made it really convenient for us to work with him, especially since we wanted our engagement photo shoot to be in San Diego.  I had actually gotten to know Jared four years ago when I first started Harsanik.com.  A friend of mine had introduced me to him, and I fell in love with his work.  Plus, Jared was super excited about photographing an Armenian wedding, so we decided to work with Jared from Bauman Photographers as our wedding photographer.

The first chance we got to work with Jared was for our engagement photo shoot.  Picking a location was tough, and the Bauman team gave us some advice to make picking a location easier.  “Think of it as a date.  Where do you want to go for a date?”  Shant and I decided on Del Mar, a beautiful beach town in San Diego since we had spent many weekends at the beach and at nearby restaurants in Del Mar.  We met Jared and his assistant in Del Mar at around 5pm.  Jared did a great job making us feel relaxed and allowing us to just be ourselves.  While he did give us ideas for poses for a few of the shots, he made sure that we were comfortable throughout the whole process and that we were acting natural. 

We took photos in several locations including the park, the beach, and the town where the shops and restaurants are.  I was most worried about the weather.  The day was completely overcast and I didn’t have high expectations for the pictures.  But in just a few days/weeks, we got the pictures and we were surprised at how nice they all came out!  We were excited to use some of these pictures as part of our wedding.  We had a great time working with Jared from Bauman Photography and we look forward to having him be part of our wedding!

Engagement Photo Shoot
Engagement Photo Shoot Engagement Photo Shoot
Engagement Photo Shoot
Engagement Photo Shoot


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