A Bride's Story: Choosing Our Wedding Entertainment

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Music is such an important part of any wedding.  It can really make or break your event.   Shant and I wanted to have great entertainment to make sure that our guests stayed on the dance floor the whole night.  The first decision was whether we wanted to have a DJ only, a band only, or both.  We decided to have both.  We knew the DJ would do a great job bringing a variety of music, including popular hits.  And we wanted a live band to play Armenian music.  Shant and I both love live music, and we really felt that a band would bring a lot more energy to the wedding. 

Once we decided to have both a DJ and a band, we started choosing our vendors.  The DJ we went with was DJ International.  I had worked with Hrach and Arsen as part of Harsanik.com for a long time and they are both such great guys! They are very professional and really fun people to work with.  Plus, both Shant and I heard them playing at The Premier Bridal Event in November 2009, and we both liked their style.  So it was an easy decision to use DJ International for our wedding!

Wedding Music

As for the band, Shant and I knew that we wanted someone with a lot of energy.  We had heard Sako perform at The 2009 Premier Bridal Event as well, and we both liked his voice, style and demeanor.  So we worked with Sako’s manager and booked Sako for our wedding!

Wedding Music

Once we had finalized our DJ & band, we decided to get a "sazandar" to play the traditional Armenian music both at the bride's house and for the entrance for the wedding reception. I've always personally loved having the sazandar play the Armenian music as the groom's family enters the bride's house, as the bride & groom leave the bride's house, and as the bride & groom enter their wedding reception hall! So I knew I wanted to have a sazandar, and I also knew I wanted to have Mamikon be our "sazandar"! I had the pleasure of seeing Mamikon and his band perform at The 2009 Premier Bridal Event and I was so impressed by not only their music, their attire, but also the energy they brought into the hall with their entrance. So it was an easy decision to book Mamikon to be a part of wedding!

Wedding Music

We can’t wait to have DJ InternationalSako and Mamikon liven up our party!   

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