A Bride's Story: My Hair, Makeup & Headpiece

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Hi again - this is Marineh, co-founder of Harsanik.com, the #1 guide for planning an Armenian wedding! Often times, brides email me asking for suggestions for hair & makeup artists, as well as ideas for hair accessories. There are many great vendors listed on Harsanik.com under the Hair, Makeup & Beauty and Bridal Accessories categories. So I recommend browsing through our directory to find the right vendor who fits your style to cater to your Armenian wedding.

I’m happy to share with you who I chose to work with for my wedding hair & makeup, and my unique headpiece. Edward Jacob was my hair & makeup artist, and he works in the Capelli Salon located on North Brand in Glendale, CA. I first tried Edward Jacobs for my engagement party, and I fell in love with his work! He does a phenomenal job with both hair and makeup, and he focuses on making you look naturally beautiful.

After my engagement, I went back to Edward for my bridal shower, and of course my wedding day. Edward was so amazing to work with! He is a fun, young guy and he knows how to make you feel relaxed on your special day. He is also very creative with hair, and he was able to come up with a beautiful style to go along with my beautiful headpiece!

Speaking of my headpiece, I was so thrilled to have picked Addicted 2B Jeweled to design my wedding headpiece! Knarik from Addicted did an amazing job designing a unique and stunning 3-piece headpiece customized to my preference. When I met with Knarik, I told her I was looking for something a little different. She showed me a picture of her new bridal couture line that she was working on, and I immediately fell in love with the style. I worked with Knarik to customize the headpiece to be exactly what I wanted: a 3-piece design, each shaped like a leaf, wrapped in chiffon fabric, draped with large Swarowski crystals, and touched up with a bit of lace.  The headpiece was beautiful and I had so many people all day asking or commenting about my headpiece from Addicted 2B Jeweled.

Thank you both Edward Jacob and Knarik from Addicted 2B Jeweled for the amazing work!

My headpiece is not like a traditional Armenian headpiece. On August 20, 2011, Kim Kardashian wore what is being referred to as an "Armenian headpiece" on her wedding day. Kim's headpiece was beautiful and very traditional, with tear-shaped diamonds hanging over her forehead.  Check out our Bridal Accessories category to find many vendors that can re-create Kim's look for your wedding day!

Hair, Makeup & Head Piece Hair, Makeup & Head Piece
Hair, Makeup & Head Piece Hair, Makeup & Head Piece
Hair, Makeup & Head Piec

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