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As we started looking for photoshoot locations for our wedding day, there were many options but also many restrictions. Serj and I had very different opinions as to where to take our wedding day photos. He wanted a garden-like location but I wanted a structure. We searched several places, keeping in mind that our ceremony is in Pasadena, and our reception, in Glendale.

Angie and Hambeik photoshoot at Caltech

Photo by Rene Zadori Photography

We both quickly agreed to Craven's Estate, a mansion in Pasadena, owned by the Red Cross, where we had seen plenty of our friends take some absolutely beautiful pictures. Unfortunately, about a month after we had reserved the date, they contacted us to let us know that they would no longer allow wedding party photos as the property is up for sale and they want to limit the number of visitors.

We didn't spend too much time looking for an alternate location. Then one Sunday we went to tour the campus of Caltech University. It had beautiful structures and beautiful greenery. It was a perfect match for both of our desires. I contacted Caltech and they directed me to their online form. With one form, and a payment, they sent us a permit along with a map of the property. All instructions for check-in were provided to us.

Caltech wedding photoshoot

Photo by Golden Picture

One thing I never realized is how soon you should book the location for your photos. Several places will limit the number of wedding parties they allow on the property in one day. Some only allowed two and others, like Caltech, allow for 10. With our wedding on a holiday weekend, we were lucky to get one of those spots!

We look forward to taking our wedding day photos at Caltech University in Pasadena!

When to book:

As soon as possible!

Costs to expect:

$250 - $500

(Note: Some places will also have limitations on the number of hours you could be there)

*Photos are estimated to last 2-3 hours depending upon your wedding party size, the location of your photos and proximity to the ceremony/reception.



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