Talar's Story: Bridal Hair Accessories

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I didn't know there were so many different kinds of headpieces. Ones with a comb, another called a "necklace", a tiara, a headband, and the list goes on. After looking around for a bit, I decided I wanted a necklace headpiece, a thin round, very simply embellished headpiece. It wasn't until I saw the piece that I bought that I fell in love with the headband. The downside was that I would have to change my hairstyle because of the size of the headpiece, but I'm sure the experts at Chateau De Luce would take care of that!

Bridal Hair Accessories

At the same store where I purchased my headpiece, I tried on some beautiful veils. I never wanted to buy a veil. I always wanted someone to take apart my mom's wedding dress and make a veil out of it for me. Side note – my mom's wedding dress was worn by a total of SIX people, including my aunts! Unfortunately, given the age of the dress and the wear and tear, many designers told me it couldn't be done. So now the decision was whether I wanted a cathedral or short veil. I have always thought cathedral veils are gorgeous and so elegant, but came to the realization, after spending five minutes in the store that they are an inconvenience. Since my dress is, well, not simple, I wanted to make sure I purchased a veil which was very simple.

The same store had ring boy pillows and thankfully I was able to purchase that as well. However, I'll share more on the ring boy and flower girl's getups in a different blog, but I'll give you a sneak peak anyways...

Ring boy pillow

Costs to expect:

Headpiece: $150-$1000

Veil: $100-$500 (cathedrals would be more expensive)

When to Order/Purchase:

Well before your hair trial



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