Christine's Story: The Proposal

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Victor and I have had the most random conversations. One conversation I particularly remember well was when he asked me which of the buildings in Downtown, LA was my favorite. I responded, the one with four cylinders on the side of it. I didn’t think much of it at the time. 

Throughout the years, Victor has always told me that he wanted to take me to the Westin Bonaventure so we can experience “the rotating lounge”. The idea of the lounge is very cool. The top floor of the Westin rotates so that once an hour, you have had a total 360 degree view of Downtown, LA. I unfortunately suffer from motion sickness very easily so my immediate response was, absolutely not! 

Christine's story the proposal

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Our five year anniversary was coming up and we were trying to figure out what we can do. We threw around a couple of ideas, first one was to spend the day at Catalina Island but I figured we would wait until it was warmer out and save that trip for the summer time. Victor insisted again that we go to the Westin. I agreed.  

The day was like any other, we spent the morning at Victor’s nephew’s baseball game. We had a lot of fun watching the kids play. When Victor dropped me off at my house to get ready for dinner, he said “It’s a pretty fancy place, dress up!” I wore my red dress. When we arrived I realized it was my favorite building! We laughed because after all these years, we never realized we had been asking each other to go to the same place. Dinner was absolutely amazing. They even wrote “Happy Anniversary” on our plates. It was beautiful. 

Christine's story the proposal

After dinner we decided to go to The Americana at Brand for dessert. At the time I didn’t realize that he was going to propose. He took me up to the balcony at Barnes and Noble so we can look over all of the Americana—it was closed. We walked around in the grass downstairs when the water show started. We watched the show and next thing I know, Victor was down on one knee! I once heard a statistic that 75% of women do not remember what their boyfriend said when they proposed. Looking back, I now know what they were talking about. In the end, I said YES! 

Christine's story the proposal

Can’t wait to start the wedding planning! 

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