Christine's Story: Choosing the DJ

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The components that make up a wedding are each important; however, the two that are most important in my eyes are the music and the photographer. The different types of music played at a wedding set the mood for the entire night. Simply put, if there is great music playing, everyone will have a great time. Meanwhile, you need a photographer to capture all the memories made. Because our wedding is multi-cultural, we wanted to find the perfect DJ so that both sides of the family could enjoy what was playing.

Chrisitne's Story: Choosing the DJ

Although there are many, many choices when it comes to a DJ, we knew right away that we were going to want High Class DJ at our wedding. Interestingly enough, when we had gone to book our photographer, he had asked if we had a DJ already. When we responded no, he highly recommended Hayk, who is part of the High Class DJ team. We figured it was meant to be.

Christine's Story: Choosing the DJ

Christine's Story: Choosing the DJ

A few months later, we met up with Hayk. I can’t describe how easy he made the booking process for us. We met Hayk at his office is Glendale. He showed us a little bit about how he works, and offered to help us put together a mix that will be perfect for both cultures.

Can’t wait for our guests to find out what surprises we have coming!



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