Christine's Story: A Journey's End

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Now that the wedding bliss has passed, I want to share a little bit about my wedding planning journey and my experiences as a Harsanik Bride's Story Winner. Some girls spend their entire childhood dreaming about their wedding and what it would be like. This was not the case for me. When Victor proposed, it was like the world stopped for a minute. As soon as the news spread to our friends and family, the immediate question was "So when's the big day?!" That's when I realized we needed to start planning our wedding.

Christine and Victor Wedding

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We set the date a little more than two years out and I think this was the perfect amount of time to plan a wedding. I started researching and exploring different wedding sites and came across I was impressed with the way Harsanik featured traditional Armenian weddings with contemporary and trendy new ideas. When I saw the blog about the Bride's Story Contest, I knew I had to enter.

My goal with my Bride's Story blog was not only to share my experiences and my journey through wedding planning but to share my experiences in a multi-cultural relationship and eventually a multi-cultural wedding. Every other week, when I wrote my blogs I was focused on what I would write next. I enjoyed it so much because it kept me on track! I always had a new plan for what I was going to write about and a new idea for our wedding. All my friends, family, and even my co-workers were following my story. They would stop me in the halls to comment on a particular blog. For example, an old friend saw that I had worked on my own invitations and asked me if I had any tips for him. Ultimately, I realized I had become somewhat of a role model.

Blogging during my wedding planning was awesome for us and for the vendors that we worked with. Many brides write and read reviews during their wedding planning. I felt that I had an even larger canvas. I was able to recommend vendors and write about my experiences in my blog. For example, Cake Studio LA loved the fact that I was going to feature our wedding cake on Harsanik. Even our DJ, High Class DJ, Hayk, was so humbled to see my blog once it was all finished.

I would love to go back in time and experience this journey all over again. I know that wedding planning may seem stressful but I encourage all brides to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. It was so fun planning everything. Many people told me that it is going to fly by like the blink of an eye but I didn't really understand until now. Enjoy every moment.

I wish all the future brides and grooms the best of luck! Thank you to Harsanik for allowing me to share my Bride's Story. I am grateful beyond words.



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Special thanks to Christine and Victor for sharing their love story and wedding planning on the Harsanik bride's story blog and for allowing us to be a part of their journey. We wish you all the best throughout this new chapter as Mr. and Mrs.! Congratulations!

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